Donald Trump’s Bizarro Alternate Reality

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump’s press conference yesterday raised more questions than it answered — about his obsession with the size of his win, his constant dismissal of the media, his ability to govern and his sanity. But he wasn’t speaking to you or me — he was speaking to his base. And of course, they lapped it like a $12.99 all you can eat buffet at Golden Corral.

Trump is realizing that the job of POTUS is more complex than he thought. The real mess is his perception of the job than the job itself. He was so confident that his businessman skills would apply so well for the job of governing, that he is now all confused and quite scared. He came across incoherent and rambling, accusing the press, Democrats, Hillary and just about anyone else he could think of.

Nothing is ever his fault. When confronted with his false claim about his electoral college victory, he simply dismissed it with “that is what I have been told”. And now his latest excuse is he “inherited a mess”. Oh — and it’s the media’s fault that Michael Flynn was fired. This weekend he plans to go on yet another victory lap in Florida on the taxpayer’s dime because he has absolutely no clue how to do anything remotely related to the job he was unfortunately elected to do.

He hides his taxes. He lies to the press and the public. He bullies reporters. He doesn’t answer questions directly. He scorns anyone who challenges him. Trump believes in the imperial presidency.

Trump says he inherited a mess. Wrong. What he is confronting is a complex world, one in which there are many problems to solve both in our nation and internationally. This is what every incoming President finds. It’s his job to do the best he can. Might seem like a mess to a small mind.

If we want to talk about a real mess for an incoming President, that would be in 2008 when Barack Obama took office. The world was in economic free-fall, largely because of eight years of Republican leadership. The unemployment rate was heading towards 10%. Two wars were being fought, one of them totally unnecessary, both mismanaged.

Obama inherited a mess and he fixed it:

  • Dow Jones going from 7,949 to 17,735
  • S & P 500 going from 683 to 2040
  • Unemployment down from 7.8% to 4.9%
  • GDP Growth up from -5.4% to 2.2%
  • Deficit GDP% down from 9.8% to 2.8%
  • Consumer Confidence up from 37.7 to 97.6
  • Uninsured Adults down from 18% to 11.8%
  • American cars sold up from 10.4m to 17.5m

This is what Trump inherited.

If Trump really wants to talk about a mess today, it would be the handling of his first month in office. It’s not the fault of the press. It’s not the fault of leaks. It’s not the fault of Democrats in Congress and judges. It’s not Hillary’s or Barack Obama’s fault. It’s Mr. Trump’s erratic and incompetent behavior, worsened by the appointments he’s made. President Obama liked to say: Don’t do stupid stuff. President Trump apparently disagrees. He twisted the news media around his short fingers today, but that won’t make his failures disappear. Watch what he does, not what he says.

Donald Trump has no sense of personal responsibility or accountability. What is particularly offensive, however, is that he thinks he owes the American people nothing by way of integrity or honesty. He couldn’t be more wrong in his thinking. Trump is asked about anti-Semitism and replies that HE is the least anti-Semitic person any of us will ever meet? This man expends more energy on any one of dozens (maybe hundreds at this point) of petty grievances involving slights to his bloated ego than he does condemning the actions of racists.

No more games. This guy is nuts, incapacitated with delusions of grandeur, incapable of digesting nuanced information, unable to focus or complete an argument without digression, fascinated with nuclear apocalypse, compromised by Russian intelligence, on and on. We need multiple aggressive efforts by all sectors — legal, corporate, Fourth Estate, political, philanthropic, military and deep state — to end this presidency immediately.

After today’s performance, I expect public calls for impeachment to begin among former and current officials, and article drafting to ramp up for emoluments violations and abuse of power just for starters, adding obstruction as soon as the Flynn story matures.

Yes, Donald, you are a bad person. Also not a smart person. Nor are you insightful, generous, broad-minded, attentive, or kind. We, now an indecent country, elected an indecent obscenity of a human being. Why is the country now having to take care of the president instead of the president taking care of us? It’s like a thirteen-year-old kid running the household because mom and dad are drunk all the time.

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the citizens of our country. He is the ugly American, with his empty bragging, his whining and sense of entitlement. It is hard to believe that he is President. It’s quite depressing.


  1. This is exactly what we need people to read! I’m amazed daily that people don’t see all the connections and how this can and will play out for America if Trump is allowed to continue sitting in the top spot. Fantastic and blunt article!

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