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Conservatism On Life Support- Moral Sense, Dead On Arrival

Republican presidential candidate, businessman Donald Trump reacts during the CNN Republican presidential debate at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum on Wednesday, Sept. 16, 2015, in Simi Valley, Calif. (AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

By L Adrianna

Waking up to the morning news is dreadful these days. Coffee doesn’t comfort me the way it used to.  As a staunch conservative, I am overwhelmed with disgust over the barrage of late night, executive tweets.  At the same time, I am immensely underwhelmed by the lack of progress being made in our nation’s capital because of the reality TV style distractions pouring from the White House.  By lunchtime, I feel like I have been treading water all morning long.

Babies are being aborted at the same rate that they were under Barack Obama; yet, America is focused on Ivanka’s clothing line.  Obamacare remains fully funded; yet, Donald Trump’s Twitter war with Arnold Schwarzenegger is apparently more meaningful.  Senate Republicans crammed a $9.7 trillion dollar budget through the Senate for a vote while the President relentlessly attacked Americans and American businesses from his Twitter account. He didn’t cool his thumbs long enough to even acknowledge the financial burden that Senate Republicans voted to dump on the backs of our children. Donald Trump’s growing insecurities over crowd sizes, ratings, and popular vote totals have consumed America and we are losing site of the real issues affecting our lives.

Meanwhile, principled conservatives painfully watch our fundamental values circle the drain in real time.  There was a time, not so long ago, when conservatives valued a person’s character.  We prized human decency, moral integrity, and graciousness. And, the world revered us for it. Ronald Reagan would never have been elected if he had talked about the size of his package on live national television. If George W. Bush had dropped the ‘pword or an ‘f’ bomb at a televised rally, conservatives would’ve overwhelmingly rejected him at the ballot box.  Now, sadly, even basic human decency is no longer a prerequisite for a conservative vote.

Case in point.

I literally cringe when the local news is on the television and my children are in the room. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer to see the leader of the free world advancing individual liberty, limited government, free markets, separation of powers and personal responsibility.  I am not even remotely interested in Twitter feuds, primetime ratings or White House sponsored infomercials.  If Donald Trump’s presidency continues at this rate, America is in much more trouble than I ever imagined. And, the greatest casualty will be conservatism.

If there is any hope in saving conservatism from almost certain destruction, principled conservatives must openly and fiercely oppose Donald Trump’s brand of populism. If we accept it or excuse it, we own it- Every bit of it.  No amount of blaming the left will justify our role in the destruction of the principles that we claim to espouse.  Once we aide in destroying them, what makes us any different than the left?  And, does it frighten you to contemplate what comes next?  It should.

No amount of blaming the left will justify our role in the destruction of the principles that we claim to espouse.”

We must not abandon our principles in exchange for tokens offered by the Trump administration. What have we gained if we have sacrificed our principles to gain it?  If history is any indication, the answer is nothing.  There is not a single unconstitutional execute order worth the price that conservatism will ultimately pay.

As the missteps continue from the administration, those of us who have clawed, scratched and kicked to save our principles should feel justified in our fight.  But, hold on tight. Don’t let go when it bleeds. We are only three weeks into this.

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Lita is a rock ribbed conservative from rural Georgia. She is the former State Director of Lone Star Liberty-Georgia, a freelance writer, founder of The Conservative Bullhorn and Conservatives United Against Progressivism. She is also a lifelong pro-life, constitutional rights activist. She is the mother of 3, a Christian, gun enthusiast and enjoys playing guitar. She has organized efforts in Georgia to fight back against special interest groups and government officials who have sought to limit our individual freedoms. She fought on behalf of Georgia Charter Schools and organized a get out the vote effort on a referendum that defeated special interest lobbying overwhelmingly. She distributed petitions and organized support to fight the Georgia Governor’s veto of RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) and his veto of the Open Carry Campus Bill. She continues to push back against the liberal special interest groups and the state and national elected officials who threaten Georgia’s individual freedoms. “The fight for liberty never ends.” -Ted Cruz

10 Comments on Conservatism On Life Support- Moral Sense, Dead On Arrival

  1. Hopefull with your opened will be able to reach many more and perhaps they 2 will open their eyes .then America will be able to see what is in front of them. thank you I very much enjoyed the truth you spoke .from one Christian mother to another thank you

  2. Debbye Hicks // February 17, 2017 at 3:16 am // Reply

    Excellent article. Conservatism is our true North Star. Always follow it and the Lord.

  3. Paula Virchow // February 17, 2017 at 3:22 am // Reply

    Spot on TERRIFIC article Lita, very well spoken

  4. Great article my friend! You rock g!

  5. Dottie Taylor // February 18, 2017 at 10:50 pm // Reply

    STOP bad-mouthing our LAST chance for AMERICA to survive. Maybe you should listen to talk-radio where the truth abounds instead of watching CNN and NBC, CBS and ABC. Those are the people in bed with the socialists and the university professors who are hell bent on destroying our freedoms. One thing i KNOW. Donald Trump does not hate America and wish it harm. Would you prefer him acting like the dictator obama? He HAS to follow the law you idiot!

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