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The Flynn Debacle: Poetic Justice

By Jason Taylor

The values of any presidential administration come from the top. Donald Trump has spent his entire life nurturing a facade of success and business acumen, where in reality there is nothing more but grotesque narcissism, staggering ignorance, zero morals, and a fundamental belief that he is above the law.

While I am relieved that Michael Flynn is swept to the dustbin of politics, what is truly troubling is that Trump likely knew about this but didn’t care (following the rules — like paying taxes — is for little people, not him), and this all would have been overlooked had the intelligence community not caught wise. And if Trump did NOT, in fact, know what his own senior staff was up to? Equally as terrifying.

Just look at Trump’s unbelievable response to the North Korean missile launch. He held court in the dining room of his Palm Beach club, the workings of his national security team on full display for cell phone cameras and gawking visitors like this was dinner theater. He clearly doesn’t believe that even the most basic protocols of professionalism or decorum apply to him. Any wonder Flynn thought his behavior was no big deal?

It’s like poetic justice, after Flynn so pompously castigated Hillary Clinton at the convention and vilified her at the campaign for something that doesn’t even come close this type of shenanigans.

Every day and in every way, Trump is showing himself to be a disaster. After only 24 days in power, he’s already by far the most venal, incompetent and delusional president in our nation’s history. The guy makes Harding look like a saint by comparison.

Sally Yates, fired by Trump for telling the truth, had told both Trump and Pence about Flynn two months ago and neither one did anything. Pence lied when he told the press that knew nothing and that “Flynn” told him he had not discussed sanctions to Russia. Now Trump should be investigated for his ties to Vladimir to find out how much he owes to the Russian dictator, beginning with his phony election. This dysfunctional and mentally unstable clown should not be allowed to continue to destroy our country.

The question is “Who else in Trump’s government has ‘ties’ to Putin’s government? What are the ‘ties’? How will these ‘ties’ influence and affect our international relations, our support for NATO, the European democracies, and our own country’s political future?

The Wikileaks connection, “fake news,” Paul Manafort, Carter Page, the secret Trump server in Trump Tower with direct communications with Russian Alfa group, David Steele’s dossier on Trump’s Moscow file, the “Russian Bromance,” Where does this all lead?

For starters, Trump, his family members, and his senior advisors need to have their income tax returns subpoenaed and examined for financial ‘ties’ and incentives. Travel and meetings with Russian nationals should be examined.

The national security of the United States and the peoples of the NATO alliance are in danger. We are just one flash drive and one non-secure computer or smartphone away from unfettered Russian access to our legitimately secret government communications, Defense Department and State Department networks.

Good riddance, Flynn, but for the rest of us, stay vigilant. This isn’t one bad apple among a healthy orchard. This is only the beginning. One down, the rest of the administration to go.

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