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Why Hasn’t Michael Flynn Been Fired?

By Jason Taylor

Usually, it’s innocent until proven guilty. If the offense involves our national security and the people responsible for protecting it, its guilty until proven innocent. The people demand a “what did they know and when did they know it?” congressional investigation now for Flynn and Trump, and if that means an impeachment proceeding that’s what the people deserve NOW before more damage is done.

It’s impossible to believe that the President and his campaign staff did not know and was not kept apprised of Mr. Flynn’s conversations with Russian officials. All the pieces are falling into place — Russian hacking; Wikileaks for Democrats only; secret talks with Putin’s minions; praise for a murderous despot…I’m not inclined to believing in conspiracies, but there’s certainly a suggestion that Russia knows something about Trump that’s giving them leverage.

As a candidate, Trump mocked what he called our leaders’ incompetence, stupidity, weakness and corruption. Now, Trump and his administration embody incompetence, stupidity, weakness and corruption on steroids.

A President who wants brief visuals rather than comprehensive, written policies? Dismissing intelligence officers who don’t toe the line? A President who won’t terminate a National Security Advisor who lied about a prohibited foreign dealing? Putin’s hands in the White House shadows? And our safety hangs in the balance of this ineptitude and murkiness.

Trump claims he knows nothing of Flynn’s discussions with Russia about lifting sanctions. How could that be possible? Another Trump lie, certainly. it is surprising that Trump is not openly praising Flynn for soothing the Russians — assuring them Obama’s sanctions would be lifted. Isn’t that Tillerson’s role as well? Trump’s outrageous comment on Putin, indicating Americans are killers just like Putin, is nothing more than Trump’s disclosure of himself. Let’s see how long Republicans plan to let this go.

It will take decades to recover from this debacle. The level of institutional knowledge being lost by mass departures is, alone, devastating. Add to that the mixed signals, the climate of fear, the reliance on pictures to convey complex and nuanced ideas.

The GOP won’t recover. They’ve pushed too many moderates left… just in the last four weeks.

Let’s just hope that we’re around to render that electoral blow to the GOP. Based on the mess at the top, and the itching for a fight to justify the fear-mongering, I fear for a widespread and catastrophic event.

This isn’t a game. It’s not a TV show. Trump is not merely in over his head he is dangerously incapable of seeing the world outside himself.

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