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The Trump Electorate Needs To Learn The Hard Way: But They Won’t

MYRTLE BEACH, SC - FEBRUARY 19: Supporter holds a sign as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a rally February 19, 2016 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Trump is campaigning throughout South Carolina ahead of the state's primary. (Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images)

By Jason Taylor

Donald Trump and his White House staff are purveyors of falsehood. Liars are also known to be cheaters. Trump’s business career is fraught with dishonesty. Why would anyone believe that his Presidency would be any different.

That would be unless you’re a rabid Trump supporter, in which case any and all words that come from the mouth of King Donald are the Gospel truth. And that goes for the words that come Trump’s administration, Trump’s surrogates in the media, and just about any wing-nut that graces the halls of social media. In the world of alternative facts, Trump’s words are the God’s honest truth.

Does anyone not think that when Trump’s followers become increasingly frustrated that his promises to them are not being kept that Trump will not play to those frustrations by insisting that, but for the interference of the other two branches of government he would have been able to give them what he promised? That if only he had the power he would be able to fulfill his promises. “I alone can fix it.”

Does anyone truly believe that a grab for ultimate power is somehow beyond the aspirations of Trump. A megalomaniac with a penchant for the dictatorial and no discernible moral fiber, who admires dictators, and has a chief advisor who is an avowed anarchist, is a pretty likely candidate to take a shot at unfettered power.

We underestimate this moment in our history at great potential cost. He has the brown shirts, he has his Himmler, he is destroying his followers’ belief in any truth other than his, and he appears to have no brake on his ambition. How long before he decides that he alone can fix the problems? And his followers agree.

I believe we have just entered a new place in our politics from which there may be no turning back and no extracting ourselves ever.

It is still hard for me to grasp how we could have done this to ourselves.

A country as blessed as this country is with rich traditions, rich civic resources and golden educational opportunities that are routinely available to most of us, stooping to the abysmally low level of this man. (Make that crude, ignorant and highly disturbed man,)

He has maligned, insulted, ridiculed, spread lies, conspiracy theories and made-up news and fairy tales about his Republican opponents, women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, handicapped people, Gold Star Parents, federal judges, our former President, the Supreme Court, our generals, Mrs. Clinton and the media; you name it, he has insulted and degraded it, all without ever once apologizing for any of it. And in the process of doing this has not just broken — likely forever — the traditional mold of our politics, but has established and put into its place a new low and debased standard which politicians of the future are certain to emulate and expand on.

We as a society need to figure out what we can about broadcast standards consistently with the First Amendment. I often wonder what motivated Rupert Murdoch to come to our country and create a monster like Fox News. People who watch only Fox for their main news and then supplement with the nasty, lying right wing radio types are subject to a barrage of propaganda that is shockingly intense.

They turn Democrats into criminals, foreigners into an imminent threat, just as they presented Obama day after day as someone who was literally destroying the world. Once folks get addicted to this sort of lying, they only want that red meat. It is that deluded population that brought Trump to power, and unless we get a grip on the American propaganda machine, there will be other, perhaps even worse, threats to our democracy.

Interested in a politics of the future without anger, fear, hostility, suspicion and hate? Forget about it.

A hard rain is beginning to fall.

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