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Why Not Just Boycott EVERYTHING?

Ali was right then and he would be right now. I will stand with the greatest of all time and I will stand with my little brothers in solidarity against a corrupt no-nothing administration.

By Christopher Suprun

Boycott Starbucks…they aren’t Christian.

Boycott Star Wars…it’s a political movie.

Boycott whatever.

There are always calls to boycott this, that, or the other. I felt a personal responsibility when I mentioned Rogue One in my New York Times op-ed. Shortly thereafter I heard Trump supporters boycotting the movie. (I am not sure the boycott mattered given the film still passed $525M domestically in box office sales.)

A few months prior people were up at arms because Starbucks wasn’t Christmas enough on its holiday cups. I realize this is still a primarily Judeo-Christian nation. I don’t care if Starbucks has holiday cups or Christmas cups. I will wish you a Merry Christmas and if you are Jewish will hope you have a Happy Chanukah. If you practice another religion I hope your winter holiday season is joyful too.

I do not even mind if Starbucks chooses to not ask my religion. They can keep them over expensive prices down by not looking for the right cup — Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or Don’t Slip On The Ice (because you’re an atheist).

Now, do I care if you boycott them because they do not wish you a Merry Christmas? No.

If you don’t like them skip stopping there. The lines are generally long enough as is. But if you want to boycott them, do not be mad when people boycott Trump products.

This morning Kellyanne Conway pushed Ivanka Trump products via a morning interview. This is despite an ethics law barring this type of activity. Why does Ms. Conway feel the need to push Trump products?


Lagging sales might be one answer. TJ Maxx has thrown out Ivanka Trump advertising. They have limited store space for Trump clothing. The same with Nordstrom. So why does Conway push the product? Maybe the common man who believed Trump “knew him” can not afford the high priced fashion imports. Perhaps in a capitalist society, people want better quality at a cheaper price.

Is it appropriate for these chains to make a statement against Donald Trump through Ivanka’s clothing line? My answer is yes.

If it is okay to boycott Rogue One or Starbucks why can’t I boycott her clothes? Her father acts like a tyrant and I refuse to take part in his mandatory Ivanka Trump shopping. I had the same complaint about Barak Obama forcing healthcare purchases. It isn’t the government’s business what I buy.

Further, though I enjoyed an evening out this past weekend. I watched Billy Crystal recount his career in the movies and television and stand up. One story stuck out. He described his friendship with Muhammad Ali in great detail. The stories included how he became to be “Little Brother” and how his mother was called Mama by Ali.

Crystal at one point talked about being challenged to a workout the next day by the champ. Ali spoke about the run they would take and the course they would run. Crystal declined.

When Ali pressed him on why he wouldn’t run with him Crystal had an important answer. Crystal informed Ali that Jews were not allowed to be members of the golf course they were to work out at. Ali, who was born Cassius Clay, but who had converted to Islam, was in disbelief. Ali from then on did not go to that golf course to work out. While a different religion from Crystal, Ali boycotted the golf course on grounds of boycotting racism. He stood in solidarity with his Little Brother.

Ali was right then and he would be right now. I will stand with the greatest of all time and I will stand with my little brothers in solidarity against a corrupt know-nothing administration. They disparage and attack ordinary Americans all the time. Trump spits on the graves of United States Army Captain Humayun Khan and many like him. He does so because they are different.

I will stand with Jews and Muslims and other Christians who are not good enough in Donald Trump’s world. Let him realize his words have a cost and perhaps he will choose them better. This boycott should start now and continue until Donald Trump hears the buzzer.

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2 Comments on Why Not Just Boycott EVERYTHING?

  1. I just can’t figure out why Kelly Ann Conway is still relevant and involved with Trumps administration. More than once being caught and then spindoctoring herself out of trouble, I’m surprised more Americans haven’t seen past her “alternative fact ” loving facade.

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