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Betsy DeVos Confirmation Proves GOP Is A Party Without Principles

By Bobby M.

We have always been told to call, mail and/or email your senator because they are supposed to be working for our best interests. This belief led to a movement where phone lines were positively swamped from people trying to call in and voice their concern about Betsy DeVos becoming the Secretary of Education. But all of that contact was completely ignored because it is more important for those members of congress to listen to their marching orders from the GOP establishment than their own constituents.

To make matters worse, the bulk of those people that voted to confirm DeVos also took money from her in political contributions. I guess those bribes and payoffs also carried more weight to these politicians than the concerns of the people they are supposed to be working for.

The reason for the worry over this issue was people thinking about the welfare of their children and their education. Betsy DeVos has absolutely zero teaching background and it was proven further by her horrible performance in the confirmation hearings where she could not even answer questions on core educational concepts. She also has no experience in the public school system (herself or her children) due to growing up in a rich top 1% family. Yet now she is supposed to be in charge of decisions for everyone else’s kids who are going to public schools?

To make matters worse, her life up to this point has always been about working against the system. She has spent so much of her money lobbying to get tax funds meant for public schools diverted to private charter schools. That is kind of ironic too, considering her family has been caught in the past trying to evade paying their property taxes which is a major source of funding towards public schools.

The purpose of this lobbying was because she wanted public schools turned into a for-profit scheme, while at the same time making churches the centers of communities again. The latter phrase was literally a quote from her due to anger in how she believes schools are now the centers of peoples lives. Look for all extracurricular programs at your school to now be on notice because their funding may be in trouble.

People who vote republican have always tried to praise certain senators who they say are principled conservatives. Names that come up in that regard the most are Ben Sasse, John McCain, Jeff Flake and Marco Rubio. But they voted for DeVos. Where were their principles then? Where was all their talk about how they will supposedly stand up to Trump and do what is right for the people? And do not give any credit to Susan Collins or Lisa Murkowski either for voting no. Both of them could have stopped the DeVos confirmation in committee. The entire vote yesterday was staged. McConnell allowed the two no votes so as they can appear to be standing up for the people voicing concern, but he knew he could force everyone else to vote yes and have Pence break the tie.

Trump was quoted during the campaign that he loved the poorly educated and how he led in the polls for them. Apparently DeVos being in charge of the school system is a plan to get more people in that demographic. Proof of that is how poorly children have performed in the charter schools in Michigan which is system she been connected to the most. Every GOP senator just proved the real principle they are concerned with the most is taking money and following orders from their establishment leaders, while not caring if it compromises your children’s future.

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2 Comments on Betsy DeVos Confirmation Proves GOP Is A Party Without Principles

  1. I get it that everyone isn’t going to support who works for them in government. Opposition from the people, I think, is still mostly effective except when you see things like the DeVos confirmation. I’ve found so few that are in support of her (except politicians) that her being confirmed is a glaring example that the people no longer have any power when matched up to money. One thing I’m certain of though, Senator Toomey in Pennsylvania is NOT going to get re-elected if he continues to vote against what his constituents want him to do.

  2. I agree the education system needs changes. As a teacher who got disgusted with the standardized testing b.s., I can understand a lot of frustration. But seriously, how the hell will things get better with the approval of a person who has never set foot in a damn public school, never went to one or let her kids get in one? How does she know anything about it. That would be like hiring someone to run General Motors who’s never tried to sell a car or even read a car repair manual!

    Oh hell, I’m going crazy hearing the laughing and pity from overseas as other nations look on us as freaking idiots. I know, it’s the congress people, but still–somebody voted for them, didn’t they? That’s what they’re thinking, I know it. Ugh.

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