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Trump Is Feeding A Narrative

By Jason Taylor

All of this hyperventilating “keeping us safe” or “keeping America safe” is a ruse by autocrats who what to have the arbitrary power to do what they want when they want to who they want. It’s a flat-out smokescreen cover for tyranny.

The greatest threat to any American’s safety has been his fellow Americans either armed with a weapon, a car, and a six-pack, or disposable income for the purchase of unlimited boxes of sugar donuts. with the resulting blood sugar issues.

Remember: The danger we are talking about was invented BY Trump during the campaign. It is not real.There is no more danger in immigrants today than there always has been. If there were a problem we would have heard about actual problems not fantastical nonspecific “danger” in rambling speeches that make no sense unless you are inferring for him.

Why don’t they list the problems? Because they never checked on it before or after they invented the danger. They have simply been acting as if all the lies they told were truth without verifying it. Refugee process: The Screening Process for Refugee Entry into the United States. Also, search for an immigrant visa.

Now a new low-track approach: Trump intentionally lied about the press hiding terror attacks. So this morning the Press is passive aggressively being forced to re-report about past terror attacks they reported at the time. If he knew himself to be on the right why would he lie like that to force the press to repeat old news? So he could get a bunch of terror reports put together hoping to make terrorism seem much more dangerous and problematic than it is. Trump’s a master at spreading fear.

There is something to be said about the “Rule of Law”, that no matter how much President Trump tries to circumvent the law; the courts provdie “checks and balances”. The same goes for Congress.

Of course, anyone in power can gain absolute power. In this country, that would mean turning the courts into a rubber stamp. And, for having the party in control of Congress, become a similar rubber stamp. Then, at that point, a president can rule by absolute decree. Fortunately, our Constitution, even under the Patriot Act, still stands between democracy and autocracy.

The courts should deny the Justice Department “request” as it is. What President Trump “decreed”, is the product of one man’s paranoia, as opposed to the need of National Security. If, indeed, it was national security, than pretty much every Muslim nation, including the Islam terrorism sponsoring state of Saudi Arabia, should be included. It wasn’t, because President Trump has personal interests in Saudi Arabia.

Trump is feeding a narrative that radical fundamentalists have been trying to sell to moderate Muslims (that all US hates all Muslims) and now Trump has just made their jobs easier. Obama and Trump have been two sides of the same coin. We need honest dialog and from what I see, we are too far gone.

President Trump is doing a good job alienating the US, his party, his supporters and those who never supported him. He will eventually end up being disgraced and impeached. Let’s hope Vice President Pence is really up for the job as President and he chooses very wisely his VP.

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