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Donald Trump’s Bizarre, Unintended Comedy

By Jason Taylor

The emperor has no clothes. Also, no empathy, no decency, no competence, no knowledge of history, no understanding of our Constitution, no self-restraint, no modesty, no sense of shame, no mandate, no governing philosophy, no rational policy program, no positive or optimistic vision of our country’s future, and absolutely no chance of succeeding in his aspiration to be loved and admired by a submissive nation.

The President is signing executive orders he hasn’t read in full but has only been “briefed” on? And in some cases he’s signing executive orders on which he hasn’t been briefed at all?

The chaos and incompetence we’ve seen in the past few weeks make these facts believable, but they’re still stunning. The people running the executive branch are acting as if the White House is one of The Donald’s schlocky, hands-off businesses like Trump University. He slaps his name on it, gets some ego gratification, then has no involvement in what it does. He leaves that up to flim-flam artists hungry for profit, or in this case hungry for power.

If Trump really wants to succeed in office, he needs to fire the ideologues and anarchists, turn off the TV, read his briefings, and step up to the plate on what is sure to be a huge learning curve.

Trump doesn’t know what he doesn’t know, which is scary. But had he reflective skills, he might take a look at the chaos he’s deliberately sewn, and the focus of the jobs, which for him is “winning.”

No, it isn’t, Mr. President! The focus of the job isn’t your polls, isn’t your image, but serving the American people. It’s not setting them up, as your cabinet picks reflect, to be scammed like the students of Trump U.

Trump has insulated himself with a lot of bad advisers — particularly Bannon, who’s pushing his own agenda, ahead of the Presidents. Had any Trump supporters heard of Steve Bannon before September? Is that what they voted for — the dark vision of a white supremacist hell-bent on waging war with Islam and half the globe?

The GOP got exactly the type of President they were asking for…someone who is awake enough to hold a pen and sign whatever they prepare for him. So we have to consider that the completely failed and flawed start of this term and with this President is 100% their fault and responsibility. Maybe “the people” will start to understand that there is not only absolutely no substance in the White House — but also not in congress.

While the last two weeks have revealed that Trump as president is at least as destructive as many had imagined, let’s not lose sight of the next prize: The mid-term elections in 2018. They are 90 weeks away. A LOT can happen in 90 weeks.

If you want to make a change, then you must take action — every week, for the next 90 weeks. Protest, contact elected officials, talk with friends, something — you must do something. Everyone possible needs to be actively engaged, involved and taking action on a constant basis.

And, do not just stand against Trump, but stand for something — something important, something big, something fundamental. For me, that is the values of facts and logic; honesty and transparency; justice and fairness; and empathy and kindness. For you, it might be something a bit different. But, whatever it is you stand for, define it, share it, and be proud of it.

Before the election folks like me and many others talked about how our democracy is at stake as a result of our political and economic systems having been thoroughly manipulated and corrupted for the benefit of a very few very wealthy people at the expense of average Americans. This is even truer now than it was two weeks ago.

When Trump signs these “orders” he immediately holds them up to show us. It reminds me of a 2nd grader that drew a picture and showed Mommy and Daddy. Proud then, but this is pathetic. “Look, everyone, I signed another one (not sure what’s in it, though). Didn’t read it but Steve Bannon said it’s OK”.

The center of “American Carnage” is currently at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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1 Comment on Donald Trump’s Bizarre, Unintended Comedy

  1. It’s a shame that most Americans don’t even dig a tiny bit into the stories they see on television and read online (or in the newspaper). If they did, support for Trump would wane rather quickly. I’m not surprised that he’s signing EO’s without actually reading them as 1) I don’t think he understands the language in them and 2) he puts too much trust in the people he’s selected to be in his administration. I fear things are going to get a lot worse before they finally start to get better again.

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