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An Educator Please

By Lorana Hoopes

Betsy Devos’s confirmation is supposed to be today, and I am praying that one other Republican opposes her. There are two already; one more would keep her from being nominated. I’m sure Devos is a fine woman, but she does not have the knowledge nor the experience to be the head of education.

I work in an alternative education school. Our school does mainly internet school and works with parents who are home schooling their children. Most of our parents have come to us because they don’t want to have their kids take the high stakes state test, and we’ve been able to, for the most part, allow this. New ALE requirements are coming down that all our students will need to attend our school full time and all will need to test. How is this any different from having them attend regular public school?

Devos claims she’s all about school choice, but I haven’t seen anything that shows she is for any choice other than charter schools. Home schooling is on the rise, mainly because parents are realizing some public schools are indoctrinating their children with liberal ideas. Instead of punishing these families with more restrictions, we should be celebrating and helping them achieve their goals. Of course, we also need to get the liberal agenda out of schools.

The Secretary of Education should be someone who has been in the trenches. It should be someone who was an educator and therefore understands the unfair demands placed on both teachers and students sometimes. It should be someone who realizes testing our kids to death does nothing to improve their education. It should be someone who realizes making teachers jump through hoops to prove they are a good teacher is a waste of valuable planning time. It should be someone who realizes children don’t always learn at the same rate and therefore requiring Algebra in 8th grade is excessive and unattainable for some.

In short, the position needs to be filled by someone who advocates for all education and not just for charter schools, and I simply haven’t seen this from Devos.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on children’s book and adult inspirational books with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.

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