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Russian Blackmail Tapes From The Trump Dossier Must Exist

By Bobby M.

Given everything that has happened since the report about Russia being able to blackmail Trump was publicized, the allegations must be true. If you need a recap, a report from a former British spy showed the Trump had deep ties to Russia, including the accusation that the country’s top spy agency has incriminating video footage of him in a compromising position. While there had been many things that have happened to lend credence to the claims, the latest might be the most in how sanctions were actually lifted on the Russian government’s spy agency.

Prior to that stunning development, numerous arrests had happened in the cybersecurity world for Russia. This also had a crossover with the country’s intelligence gathering communities as well. Even worse than that was the mysterious death to an ex-KGB chief who had direct connections to the dossier documenting the blackmail. Sounds like an awful lot of housecleaning to people that might have been leaking information to me. Not to mention how the bank Trump owes around $1.3 billion dollars to was just busted for a money laundering scheme involving Russian oligarchs. In that scheme, more than $10 million dollars went to unknown identities in New York. Would not be a stretch of the imagination to think some of that money went to Trump given the timing of it all.

Trump himself admitted that it was the Russian intelligence agencies who hacked the DNC and leaked the information to Wikileaks as part of the election. Because of that, Obama placed sanctions onto the officials connected to that office. Barely a month later, Trump is lifting previous sanctions against that same agency. Seriously?  So Russia interferes with our elections and the beneficiary decides to reward them? It also happened less than a week after the phone call with Putin and on the same day that Russia instigated more trouble with the Ukraine. Incidentally, in an interview with Fox News, Trump was questioned about concerns about Putin being a murderer and Trump brushed it off and turned the answer back around to say, “We’ve got a lot of killers. What do you think? Our country’s so innocent?” That behavior along with all of his ties to Russia is why people are concerned.

A former CIA officer says that the claims made in the Trump dossier is exactly how the Russian spy agency operates. Christopher Steele, the ex MI6 British intelligence agent who compiled the dossier, is said to be a “very competent, professional operator” by the former British ambassador to Russia, Sir Andrew Wood. Given everything mentioned earlier in the article, along with the people saying it, maybe those claims need to be taken more seriously regarding their validity.

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