Root Against The New England Patriots Because Of Trump

By Bobby M.

On Super Bowl Sunday, some people are watching football for the first time all year and sometimes pick a team to root for under the strangest of circumstances. Well, to those of you looking for a reason to cheer for a particular team, I wrote why you should root against the New England Patriots due to their connection to Donald Trump.

The quarterback for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, has been friends with Trump for years; ever since his 2002 Super Bowl victory over the St. Louis Rams. Brady was invited to be one of the judges for a beauty pageant and it has been love ever since. It has been said they are very active at playing golf with one another. For the most part, Brady has tried to remain apolitical when discussing the relationship that entire time. But he was most outspoken regarding his support this past fall when a MAGA hat was seen in his locker by the sports press . This led to a long speech about how he supports his friends, of which obviously Trump is one of them. Gisele Bundchen, his wife, does not care for Trump and got her husband to stop talking about politics at all publicly. During media day for Super Bowl LI, reporters tried to ask Brady about politics, but he declined, leading to many to try and attack him due to his silence.

Donald Trump also has a connection to both the owner and head coach of the team as well. In regards to Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, the friendship has been for over two decades now. Apparently the became extremely close after Kraft’s wife of 48 years died from ovarian cancer and Trump offered him support and comfort. Bill Belichick, the head coach, probably became friendly with Trump during his seventeen seasons with the team. He too is said to try and stay out of politics and says their association is more about a focus on general friendship than anything.

There is one good thing when you talk Trump and his connection to the Patriots and that involves his own friendship with Putin. You see, back in 2005, Robert Kraft was in Russia and he met the dictator during that time. While they were talking, Putin asked to see the Superbowl ring and then just pocketed it and walked away. Apparently Kraft has been publicizing to the media that he hopes his presidential friend can get his old ring back. While that is an amusing story, it is not enough to try and win over people when it comes to rooting for a particular team…specially considering the recent unconstitutional acts their friend has committed.


  1. Didn’t even watch. Didn’t plan on it (had a feeling I’d be asleep past kick off and don’t care much for football).

    But I was gonna root for the Falcons anyway because I usually go for the “underdog.” Far as I can tell, they’ve not been up for the Super Bowl that I can remember ever–maybe long ago before I tried to pay attention, but Pats have won a helluva lot. I like the underdog years–those are the times I get watching.

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