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EM – 1/24/17: Regarding Construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline

By Tom Milligan

In my last post, I voiced my support for Trump’s approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline while simultaneously publishing my extreme disapproval of Trump’s transparent plan to issue directives that will line his own pockets and those of his friends.

I’m flat out disgusted by ANY American that believes it’s acceptable for their President to issue a directive that will line his own pockets in any way.

Candidate Trump promised his supporters that he wouldn’t make dumb deals.  

He made it clear, if elected, that he would negotiate on our behalf to make sure all deals he made as President would serve our collective best interest.

And regardless of the obvious improprieties involving President Trump, the Dakota Access Pipeline will be a boon to our nation and should move forward.

While former President Obama rejected Canada’s application to build the Keystone XL Pipeline, today’s Memorandum invites Canada to reapply and effectively rubber stamps any future application to build the pipeline.

It’s basically a done deal.

So what does the Keystone XL buy us?

Why is this pipeline in our best interest?

I have no idea!

Unlike the Dakota Access Pipeline, which is entirely within the US border, built & operated by a US company, and 90% complete, the construction of the Keystone XL hasn’t even started yet, will be built & operated by a Canadian company (TransCanada Keystone Pipeline, L.P.), and is designed only to transport oil from Canada to the US Gulf Coast for refining and export.

Trump has said the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline will create jobs.  In fact, he claimed the construction alone would create 28,000 jobs.  

Sounds great.

It’s too bad that number is nothing short of a lie spoken and perpetuated by a President desperate for acceptance and unaware that the entire world is fact-checking him in real time.

The official environmental impact study for the Keystone XL suggests the construction of the Keystone pipeline will create around 3900 construction jobs.  But those jobs would be temporary at best and will provide absolutely no long term value to any of us.

And after the 1-2 year construction project is completed, only 35 people will be employed to run the entire pipeline.

Three five.



Currently, Canadian crude oil is exported to a small handful of refineries in the midwest.  

One possible benefit of the Keystone XL Pipeline is that more oil will be delivered to more and larger refineries on the Gulf Coast.  

Obviously, more crude means more gasoline.  

The law of supply and demand almost guarantees cheaper gas.


Maybe for a while.

For all his bluster about negotiating great trade deals, nothing in this Memorandum (or in the law) prevents Canada from using this pipeline to export the crude to other oil-thirsty countries – namely China.  Nor does it provide for any means of royalties, payments, or remuneration to the US for the black gold traveling through the line.

So we’ll have cheap gas until China pays more for the crude than we do.  Then the oil will leave our shores on its way to China.  


I’ll make this as clear as I can: Donald Trump’s Memorandum pre-approving this project gets us nothing in return.  

No jobs to speak of.

No money.


Tump made a shitty deal for the American people.

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