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Please, Don’t Celebrate Ignorance

By Jason Taylor 

As the Holocaust teaches us, the broad-brush demonization of an entire religious group is irrational, unjust, and eventually destructive of the destroyer. Unfortunately, when the destroyer is a sociopath in charge of an entire country, everybody else goes down with him.

Mr. Trump has already given the broad-brush treatment to African-Americans, encapsulating them as poor and violent and living in the inner cities, when statistics show a far more diverse picture of black Americans. He has picked on Mexicans, whom he would wall off, and Muslims, whom he would isolate and ban from his presence.

He has denigrated women by words and deeds and made fun of a disabled person. Only a sick person projects upon and demonizes so many different groups to this degree. What does all this say about Mr. Trump’s inner demons, and how he handles them?

These harmful and dishonest characterizations of Islam are embraced by the Trump base. I overhear/read it in conversations daily.

sample remarks:

Barrack Obama is a Muslim. His refusal to utter the slogan “radical Islamic terrorism” is proof.

Islam is a dirty and false religion trapped in the 13th century.

We cannot trust any Muslim, no matter where they were born, here or abroad. Any one of them at any time is a ticking time bomb and a threat to our security.

There is no possible means to vet any Muslim immigrant or refugee. We cannot trust any of them, they are all potential terrorists.

Of course, these people are ignorant and their only source of information is from hard-right media, Breitbart, Fox, etc. They are too stubborn or lazy to seek information from other sources and firmly believe that most news from progressive and left-leaning media outlets is fake news.

Stunningly ignorant and although this is all anecdotal, but now I know. I know now there are many people out there amongst us just as uninformed and poisoned against Islam walking and living amongst us.

I won’t even go into their crazy talk about Mexico and NAFTA, but again, sorely misinformed.

These frightened crackpots now infesting our White House are a far greater threat than any Muslim refugee or group of refugees seeking safe harbor in the formerly great and welcoming United States of America. Donald Trump is making America less great, and less safe, literally, by the hour.

We can only pray that the spineless and timid Republicans controlling Congress will wake up and realize their man is not playing with a full deck and is out of control. In the meantime, it will be up to a few brave federal judges and we the people to try to contain this nightmare.

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  1. praying with you, man, for sanity and other good things.

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