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Extremists Can Go Both Ways

By Jason Taylor 

If Donald Trump, Mike Pence, and Steve Bannon continue on this warpath, pulling our country away from the core principles of the US Constitution, and our government is so corrupted by the GOP to do anything about it, then there will be extremists forged here at home to fight against this. People are angry at what he is doing, how he is corrupting the US government to such tremendous extents, that a revolution from within will happen.

How sad it is that these blustering, fear and power-mongering individuals are portraying the USA as a weak and scared nation for their own xenophobic, political, financial and/or other interests. And of course, Trump and his allies will merely tell their lies to their adoring followers to convince them of whatever is necessary to meet their goals. Trump’s followers believe America is weak and only Trump will save her.

This increasingly anti-Muslim drumbeat is not going to end well. It is intentionally capitalizing on people’s fears and is aimed to remodel the world order along with some Utopian right wing nationalist paradise where religion, in this case, the fanatical evangelical right, is used to control the population in a fascist-like manner.

  • Invade Mexico?
  • Insult Australia?
  • Publicly escalate tensions with Iran?
  • Deliver ill-thought out and executed and potentially illegal Executive Orders?
  • Declare war on any media that reports on unflattering Trump Administration facts that may jeopardize his 2020 campaign (Trump has already signaled that he is already on his campaign trail)
  • Threaten to Federally invade a State/City — Chicago, Illinois? [if Federal military action in a state/city is not collaborative, what else is it but invasion?]
  • Threaten/blackmail American cities that have chosen NOT to burden their local taxpayers with the cost of enforcing FEDERAL Border/Immigration laws?
    Etc. On-and-on!

The cost of the Trump Administration’s demonstrated and continued incompetence will land squarely on the shoulders of ALL American people and ripple through the world.

‘Different’ governance is fine. But let’s not use this word to camouflage unconstitutional, unilateral, irresponsible, illegal and incompetent governance.

I guess the rest of the world is getting the true picture as to how ignorant we are. Almost half the country put this idiot and company in the White House. He is making The United States, a small less significant place to find freedom. A true American patriot is a patriot for all humanity.

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