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Au Contraire: Trump Administration’s Anti-Life Stance

By Luz Gonzalez

There are many passages, books, and lives which help guide a Christian. The Bible one. Imitation of Christ two. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius three.  Rerum Novarum four. Pacem in Terris five. Selected Works of Martin Luther six, and the actions of people we meet daily that are living the WORD.  If you are committed to having a relationship with Jesus there is almost an infinite amount of books, almost as many as people there are on the planet, from which you can get a grasp of Jesus’ call for humanity.  And, the responsibility of the mission He has entrusted to us.

Mea culpa.  I get it wrong daily.  Maybe even multiple times daily.  Hold on. Correction.  Definitely, I get it wrong a couple or multiple times daily.  However, as it relates to the tenets of Christ’s WORD, I never pretend that a wrong is a right, or that His teaching is anything less than a call to the best in our humanity.

Seeing Vice President Mike Pence at the March for Life rally in DC was hopeful. However, then, contradictorily, seeing Vice President Pence stay silent in the face of the Muslim and refugee ban, and attack on green card holder rights, was anything but. Does he not realize that being a supporter of LIFE means standing up for people not just at the moment of conception but throughout all stages of their development and LIFE?  Does he not realize that being a support of LIFE cannot mean only a supporter of LIFE in the United States?

Pro-Life means P R O T E C T I O N of humanity.  Throwing the hypocrisy card on Trump, Pence, Ryan, and a multitude of those staying silent on the issues of immigration, refugees, green holder rights, and human rights.

Pope Francis, spiritual leader of over 1.2 billion Christians, is celebrating with Lutherans the 500 year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation in 2017.  In doing so, he acknowledges the constant need to reform ourselves and our institutions while maintaining the core discipline of our beliefs and values.  He also shows to the world that which is born of conflict can grow into friendship and communion.  The schism that divided Christianity approximately 1500 years after its founding, the Protest-ant movement, is now but an opportunity to grow as a united people, not to foster further division.

His words as a world leader on the rights of humanity and the global goal of peace were on display when he stated:

“You cannot be a Christian without living like a Christian.  You cannot be a Christian without doing what Jesus teaches us in Matthew 25.

“It’s hypocrisy to call yourself a Christian and chase away a refugee and someone seeking help, someone who is hungry or thirsty, toss out someone who is in need of my help.  If I say I am Christian but do these things, I’m a hypocrite.”

Besides the very obvious fact that the Trump administration’s refugee ban shows all signs of favoritism and bias, is in violation of American values and tradition, is against the law as a federal judge has ruled it and was articulated in a frightening disorderly and incoherent manner, the further attack on green card holders is contrary to nationally held immigration policy  as posted by the federal government’s own U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services on their “Green Card holders Rights and Responsibilities” pages.

If the Trump administration and the GOP majority are intent on violating every moral tenet of protecting humanity and want us to believe as a society we are committed to viewing the law, and only the law, as the final decision maker in our morality, our answer, and only answer, as Pro-LIFE believers, must be NO.

Consequently, all Pro-LIFE advocates in the United States should stand up and be counted against these reckless policies.  If not, you have lost your moral position to tell and insist the government in 1973 erred in proclaiming LIFE, humanity, did not start at conception and that a women’s right to privacy superseded the right of the unborn child.

NOTE to Vice President Pence:  Get acquainted with the pejorative hypocrite being applied to you.  Any hope we had you would temper and offer a voice of reason to an administration intent on division and self-interest agendas was vanquished forever this weekend in the face of your abhorrent silence.

NOTE to the GOP majority:  Your complicity in this disorderly, inhumane, and otherwise indecent order against the very values and traditions that make, and have made, America exceptional will not be forgotten.  You are now the face for why the vast majority of the American public view Congress with such disdain and antipathy.

NOTE to the American public.  Now is the time to take a stand with the same courage, sacrifice, and honor of our founders. Demand our legislators represent our values and voice.  It is more than apparent many of our elected officials not only do not speak for us, they are destroying the heartbeat and fabric of America.  Let DC and our Governors hear our roar.

We will not cooperate with the Trump administration’s ruthless anti-American actions. We will not be used as a tool in this administration’s war against truth. We will take a stand for American values and principles. We will show our allegiance with those members of society that are suffering and need our helping hand. We will demonstrate our understanding of the need to protect, American and non-American. We will raise our voices for a united country that respects all  regardless of ideological or other differences.

NOTE to Donald Trump, if any other public office administrator, and many in the private sector as well, showed as much incompetence in administration – lack of support for team effort, disregard of training to subordinates on new policy to insure proper process, setting timely transition to guarantee optimal efficiencies . . .  they would be shown to the door with a “YOU’RE FIRED.”  Here’s hoping.  Sooner rather than later.


About Luz Gonzalez (6 Articles)
Mom, Educator, State Director Florida Parents Against Common Core, Former Member Miami Dade Republican Executive Committee, Former National School Choice Week Miami Representative, Past President OCRWC

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