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President Trump: ‘The Travel Ban Is Working Nicely.’ Ahem…

By Jason Taylor

Trump’s ill-conceived ban on Muslims traveling to the US is similar to actions of dictators, cowards, and thugs. Fear, combined with hysteria and arrested psychological development plus a complete lack of understanding of the Middle East, makes for these kinds of terrible and unjust policies. Such misguided acts will not keep us safe but instead will ensure the opposite effect.

Can anyone who is suggesting the ban is a good idea so that we can “improve the vetting procedure” explain, in detail, what the current vetting procedure is? And, if so, can you also outline, again in detail, exactly what improvements should be made and how this administration plans on implementing those improvements? To those suggesting that our current system is “broken,” could you please educate me about the specific acts of “terrorism” committed by people, including refugees, from the countries named in Mr. Trump’s ban?

Surely, if our current system is so hopelessly flawed, we must have had multiple attacks that you can name. To suggest that our current system is broken in a way that Mr. Trump’s “plan” would solve implies that you have answers to the above questions beyond repeating talking points. If those answers exist, please explain and educate those of us who are deeply concerned by the profound and irreparable implications of these actions.

It is not necessarily refugees or immigrants that have been stopped and the press does a disservice by terming it so. It is Muslims that have been stopped, even those who hold permanent residency or valid visas. Even if they have paid tuition to attend a university here, or own property and/or businesses here. Christians from the targeted countries are specifically excluded from the ban. It is blatant discrimination and an abomination against everything this country purports to believe in. This administration is criminal, immoral and disgusting. Its actions on all fronts will lead us to a world war with no allies. Perhaps this has been their intention all along.

There are multiple different and conflicting accounts regarding which federal units and officials were asked to review and comment on the draft executive order before it was issued. A question which reporters ought to be asking Sean Spicer: Did any of the following reviews and sign off on the constitutionality, legality, and drafting of the Executive Order before it was issued?

  • The White House Counsel’s Office
  • The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel
  • The NSC Counsel’s Office
  • The State Department Counsel’s Office
  • The Department of Homeland Security Counsel’s Office

If none of those units reviewed and signed off on the EO, that would basically be a confession of incompetence on the part of the Trump Administration. If the President issues an Executive Order on anything even somewhat controversial, it is reasonable to expect that someone might sue to challenge it. The Republicans ought to know this — they sued to challenge many of President Obama’s Executive Orders.

If an order is probably going to be challenged in court, then it should be reviewed in advance by the administration’s attorneys with regard to what constitutional, statutory or other issues any challenge might raise, and whether it is well-drafted; and it should be reviewed by the counsel’s offices of all the agencies that are going to have to implement it or will be directly affected by it. If nothing else, they should be prepared to respond when a legal challenge is filed.

These are people who had visas and/or green cards that were already issued to them by the United States – in short, people that should have never been denied admission to the country, especially once in the air. If they were truly perceived as a threat to this country, the State Department would never have issued them a visa in the first place.

Judge Donnelly’s decision not to allow immediate deportation for immigrants trapped at airports due to Trump’s arbitrary rulings is almost a breath of fresh air. She needed to go one step further and allow them to be released from the airport. After years of vetting approval by our government and buying tickets which are a considerable expense, these immigrants are now in limbo. We are no longer a kind welcoming country. These long-suffering people need to be released immediately and not be held hostage by Trump’s grandstanding.

There’s a broader effect of the new, substantially manufactured, fear of Muslims and foreigners in the US. People of goodwill globally now see a society turning in on itself, an emergent garrison state, undermining connections of all kinds with others outside and using a mailed fist, carelessly and imprecisely, as it lashes out. People of goodwill outside, often friends of many in the US, now will turn away from the society, lament what has become of what was best about it, cease visiting, invest elsewhere, and come to ignore it.

This is going to be a great test for our democracy. We’ll find out whether the judiciary saves it, since the executive branch is led by a 5-year old child throwing temper tantrums, and the legislative branch is AWOL.

Donald Trump has begun to do the things he said he was going to do. he made it very clear what he was going to do, so he can’t be blamed for one thing that he does, it is the voters who took him from his high Tower and pushed him all the way to the seat of power who are to be blamed, Those people in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that put him over the top. This beautiful country with its storied history is now totally divided between the Trump faithful and the rest of us. We haven’t been this divided since the Civil War.

Trump says that “the travel ban is working nicely.” Could there be a more delusional statement? People are protesting in several cities, some travelers who were not allowed to enter are people from the middle east who are assisting our military, families are being ripped apart, and all of this was done with no warning or even a press conference? No, Mr. Trump, this is not “working nicely” at all. It is deeply offensive to many Americans, alarming to the world at large, and apparently something the potential ramifications of which do not concern you at all.

I no longer find it unimaginable that this administration wants to provoke a terrorist attack either here or somewhere outside the country. That would give them an opening to do so much of what they clearly want to do, including a quick partnership with Putin to supposedly “fight ISIS” but more likely ease the process of “getting the oil” in the former soviet states for Exxon. And we still know nothing of Trump’s own holdings in Russia.

Trump will somehow “double down” on his non-logical presidential action. His ego will allow nothing less. What a train-wreck for the global reputation of the USA.

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  1. Alex santangelo // January 29, 2017 at 3:26 pm // Reply

    Keep them all out!!

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