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President Donald Trump shows off his signature on an executive order about the Dakota Access pipeline, Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2017, in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)


By Tom Milligan

For the last 8 years, Republicans AND conservatives watched helplessly as our now former President proudly announced that he knows best, that our system of checks and balances is too slow, and that he had a “pen and a phone” and wasn’t afraid to use them.

Republicans obsessed for years over Obama’s executive overreach with at least one referring to Obama as “Emperor of the United States of America.”

Donald Trump himself attacked Obama for using Executive Orders, calling them “power grabs of authority.”

Despite the demonization by those not in power, Obama’s final count of Executive Orders (275) places him at number 23 of 45 on the all-time leader list for number of Executive Orders issued per year in office.

By way of comparison, Donald Trump now holds the record for most Executive Orders issued in his first week in office and, if he maintains his current cadence, he’s on track to write over 182 Executive Orders per year in office making him number 6 on the leaderboard.

Predictably, the Republicans who’ve sold out to Trump’s false brand of conservatism laud his Executive Orders saying they’re just what we need to Make America Great Again™.

They conveniently forget that just a few weeks ago, they were anti-Executive Orders because it concentrated too much power in the hands of one person – effectively neutering the checks and balances in our government.

So tell me again who the Emperor is.

Some of Trump’s supporters say the number of orders isn’t what’s important.  It’s the substance of the orders that really matters.  And as long as his orders comply with their vision of a great America, they feel that the ends justify the means.

What a cop out.

Executive Orders are either Executive Overreach or they aren’t.

They’re either ‘power grabs’ or they aren’t.

Frankly, I’m glad Donald is issuing so many orders.

It’s EXACTLY what we all knew would happen.

Donald will never figure out how to work within the system designed by our founders and enshrined in the Constitution.  He will always bend and break the rules to make it easier to get his way – which may or may not be what’s best for the US.

What’s funny is that I actually agree with the objectives and expected results of many of his Executive Orders.  I believe some of them will be good for the US.

But you know what?

That’s not for me to decide.

Nor is it for Trump to decide.

By issuing so many orders so quickly, what Donald Trump has done is to draw clear lines between traditional party politics and true patriotism.

If you’ve spent the last 8 years bitching about Obama’s Executive Orders, but turn a blind eye to Trump’s, you’re not only a hypocrite, but you’re also in favor of concentrated power and limited checks and balances.

If you believe, because you agree with Trump’s vision, that it’s okay for him to issue Executive Orders instead of working with Congress because it’s faster or more convenient, you’ve ceded all authority and control of our nation to a single person rather than relying on 3 separate, but equally powerful branches of government.

If you don’t call Trump out for his blatant power grab, executive overreach, and attempt to gain Emperor status, you’re nothing but a party shill with no morals, values, or conservative principles.

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