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Mexican President Pena Nieto Cancels Meeting With Trump

By Jason Taylor

It has become clear that Donald Trump cannot understand that he was not crowned as an authoritarian US monarch, but was merely inaugurated as US President with a minority of the popular vote.

He is an employee of the People under the US Constitution. Like the proverbial bull in the China shop, he seems capable only of destruction — destruction of revered national traditions, of relationships with both US citizens and institutions, of relationships with other nations, and of our nation’s reputation and integrity.

There is something called “dignity” that is a crucial component of diplomacy. Apparently, Mr. Trump, an inveterate materialist, is unable to assess any type of interaction beyond its monetary value. And is clearly not even able to understand what strategies would work best for making friends in the world and thereby truly benefiting the economy, ours along with the worlds. Sadly, the best response at this point would be for world leaders to rally to the defense of Mexico, which Trump is trying desperately to bully.

I do have a suggestion, however. If elected officials are really serious about having a functional immigration system at all levels, then we should focus not on spending $12–20 billion on building a longer wall than the one we already have.

Instead, invest more in the immigration court system and all levels of the process, from refugees/asylum seekers to DREAMers to workers to undocumented parents. When a person may face a wait of six whole years before having his or her case fully heard in court, then the system is failing. It is unfair and inequitable to all and perpetuates ongoing problems.

America needs a legitimate path to citizenship (not just one that first mandates the border be sealed by an impenetrable force field). The thought of a deportation force alarms and disgusts me. So does the thought of people fleeing drug gangs and violence to come to America only to find themselves in a sort of half-existence limbo for an indefinite length of time. The system we currently have needs reform and it needs to be able to function for more than deporting people — especially at a time when we are net zero on our Southern border.

I support the Mexican President in his action. All countries in the world should refuse to meet with the President until he learns some manners.

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  1. Ah, a diplomatic time out. Me likey.

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