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Trump Lives In An Alternative World

By Jason Taylor

In President Trump’s first few days he is working to destroy the foundation of democracy: trust in our voting process and trust in the media. And his supporters believe him.

The fact that Trump lies is very important. We can not have a president that lies about figures and the truth. A president that convinces people of these blatant, strategic lies. There is no measurement no science there. No up from down.

Even by Trump’s standards, a claim that 5 million undocumented immigrants voted is absurd. First, he claimed it was 3 million, but he must have realized that for him to win the popular vote by a significant margin, it would have to be more, so he raised the upper limit of his estimate. Since there are about 11 million undocumented immigrants in the US and many are children, that would mean that most of the adults voted, yet not a single one has been caught so far. There is no way to determine if unregistered people voted in the election in those areas that require no identification to vote. California is one such state that you can vote without presenting identification. How many people voted that were not eligible? There is no way of knowing.

At some level Trump knows he’s considered an illegitimate figure; he lost the popular vote by a larger margin than many have won it, and he enters with record unpopularity. His daily diet of lies, self-aggrandizement, whining, disinformation, etc., may have charmed a minority of voters, or at least enough to allow him to slip into office, but even he, at some deep level, feels the need to keep justifying how he got in there when he shouldn’t be there.

The fact that Trump has such a fragile ego that he needs to create an alternative reality for himself around such minor issues like the size of the crowd at his inauguration and his popular vote loss is just frightening. It makes him look completely psychologically unbalanced, which is very frightening for someone who has the power of the US presidency. His aides need to work with him to hide his obsessive behavior and if people start realizing this guy is truly unbalanced, someone in the White House needs to stand up and admit it for the sake of the country.

Ryan and McConnell are willing to tolerate every lie, every indication that there is something seriously wrong with this person so long as they get their legislative agenda passed. The second he becomes an obstruction to them, they will cast him aside with their standard callousness and shamelessness. I just fear that it will be too late by then.

We really are in an Orwellian world. When a political leader can lie without consequence or shame then how can democracy function? In my opinion, this is the greatest threat Trump poses to the world — not his bigotry, not his temperament, not his politics, but simply his willingness to attempt to pervert reality to such an extreme degree.

Up is down, black is white, day is night, left is right. Although Roy Cohn is no longer able to serve in the Trump Administration, he is certainly there in spirit. What a role model for American youth.

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  1. I have kickboxing gloves now–they should be soft enough for me to facepalm (or knucklepalm) without bashing in my own brain…ugh. There aren’t enough expletives to help me get my true thoughts and feelings out right now about this whole awful experience…and it’s not even the end of the first week!

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