Is This the New Normal?

By Eric Dzikowski

President Trump has a long public history of stroking his own ego.  He can’t stop himself from bragging and fishing for compliments. No honest, objective person would ever call him a humble man. This isn’t news.

What is news is Trump’s rambling assault on the press for telling the truth. Trump, completely unwilling to admit he didn’t draw even close to the same crowds as Obama, accused the press of a vendetta against him for reporting actual attendance numbers instead of the inflated numbers he and his campaign insist upon. Never mind the photos, the metro usage reports, and even the eye-witness accounts, Trump says the press is against him because they reported the facts.

Let that sink in — Trump is mad at the press for not lying

Our new president ranted against the press for several minutes during his speech at the CIA this afternoon. He declared journalists to be “the most dishonest human beings on Earth” who deliberately report falsehoods to make people not like him. President Trump insists millions of people attended his inauguration, but they didn’t. The actual numbers are closer to 300,000. Once again, it’s important to note the press did not lie; Trump just can’t accept the truth.

And it’s not just Trump who’s in denial. His press secretary, Sean Spicer, went full Trump at his press conference

Press Secretary Sean Spicer chastised the press for underreporting attendance numbers. He echoed his boss and said the crowds were not only larger, but were “the largest audience to ever witness an inauguration, period — both in person and around the globe.” There’s only one problem: Nothing Spicer said is true.  Not only did Trump not draw as large an in-person crowd as Obama, but he also drew 8 million fewer television viewers.

The president’s actions were disturbing and jarring to both current and former intelligence officials. After attacking the intelligence community for reporting unflattering information about the Trump administration’s ties to Russia, Trump walked into CIA headquarters in Langley, VA to unload on another perceived enemy. Many found his self-aggrandizing to be not only ridiculous, but offensive.

Throughout the campaign, Trump and his staff insisted he could be presidential.  They told us he would be more professional and honor the highest office in the land.  It seems that’s not going to happen.

Trump can’t handle factual reporting on the first day of his presidency without flying off the handle.  How will he ever cope with actual criticism?

Spoiler alert: He can’t.  Get used to this nonsense from President Trump.  If you haven’t already guessed — yes, this is the new normal.



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  1. I thought I had headaches before, but they’ll really be coming in now. Ugh. He’d better work on the issues, the things he campaigned on to make the country great and ACTUALLY do them, or else he’s gonna have more people–the ones who supported him–adding into the negativity around him. He’d better jump in and do the job they elected him for if he wants to get beyond this…boy, never thought I’d see myself say that.

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