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The Trump Doctrine: ‘American Carnage’

By Jason Taylor

In Trump’s inaugural “America First” speech he drew a caricature of this country as ravaged and under siege from the rest of the world, with which we do business and with whom we prosper, and insulted every previous President and member of Congress there, claiming they had treated poorly despite all the prosperity we enjoy. It was a divisive speech, not just between him and his predecessors, or between him and his political opponents, but between him and the world.

Mr. Trump missed a great opportunity to unite the country in his speech. It looks like he already has an eye on 2020. It will be campaign-style speeches the next 4 years. As long as Mr. Bannon has his ears, we will hear only dark speeches and he is a master of media manipulation and propaganda.

The speech was typical of Trump?—?a campaign speech written by an ignorant bullying demagogue. Only thing missing was his silly red hat.

Transferring power from the Federal Government to the people cannot actually and literally occur and therefore it is said metaphorically. But at the heart of such a metaphor lies the premise that although people in power and in government will still be making the decisions and taking action, the decision makers will have the people in mind when they decide what to do next. So… a more direct way of saying it would be “I’ll be thinking of you when I am deciding stuff. Trust me”.

President Trump’s speech represents the victory of TV over reality. The hopeless condition of America that he portrayed is the fictionalized stories that many voters see on their TV and computer screens every evening, but not what most of us actually experience. Pomp and circumstance seem a pathetic farce for a president who has destroyed the grace and dignity of the position, a crude and cruel bully with no empathy or wisdom, the kind of person no mother should wish her child should become. Previous presidents must be weeping in their graves over what has become of the country, and the future stands in crisis.

There are no words adequate to summarize my thoughts, which race with the overflowing recollections of this awful man’s ugly words and low deeds.

Trump’s dystopian and utterly forgettable speech was Kafka-esque: it created a picture of an America I cannot recognize in any way, using cliches and tropes that bear no resemblance to the America he lives in, nor one that actually exists, even at its worst. To use the word “carnage” at a moment meant to unify and inspire America shows exactly what he will do to create the nightmare only he and his clack — the “unified government” of Paul Ryan’s dreams — can save us from.

Unlike many who share my grief, I felt it a civic duty to observe the transfer of power and hear the inaugural address in real time. I doubted that Trump would summon a more inclusive vision and tone for the occasion. It gives me no joy to have been correct. Trump’s speech was militant, graceless, and divisive. It was an insult not only to President Obama’s dignified legacy but also to our country’s values and its history, It distorted our recent past and offered a frightening vision for the future.

I will not accept the racism, misogyny, homophobia, xenophobia, prejudice, and hate which are characteristic of this President-elect and those with whom he is surrounding himself. No, I will not accept this as the new normal. Yes, I will stand up, speak out and be actively involved in the resistance to any hateful actions by this new administration and I will be proactively involved in shaping my community and the world for the better.

Hang on good people of both parties, this man is a dangerous and ignorant demagogue. And let us hope that our institutions are strong enough to withstand him.

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