Congratulations America

By Christopher Suprun

Congratulations America. You’ve elected Calvin. Not Calvin Coolidge, not John Calvin. Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes. Scared yet? We are looking at the result of a drunk college dare gone wrong.

Calvin and Donald Trump have a lot in common. Both are used to listening to their own ideas and ignoring everyone with any substance. Ronald Reagan’s communication aide Lyn Nozifiger was quoted as saying “we weren’t amateurs, we were novice amateurs.” The scary corollary here is what does that make Trump?

Mr. Trump has gone through life without a care in the world. Daddy set him up early on and ever since he has been conning and smiling his way through. Unlike Ronald Reagan, it isn’t clear Mr. Trump has any policy grounding on any issue. Ronald Reagan grew up in a time of Calvin Coolidge’s America. A time when rugged individualism we celebrated. Trump has only known silver spoons. Reagan while a rich actor later in life, grew up in squalor. Reagan also recognized the communist threat after facing it in Hollywood labor strikes. Is there any North Star that Trump can point to other than his monuments to himself?


calvin-hobbesTrump is the school boy giving a book report on a book he skips reading. The behavior is entertaining in a cartoon. It also makes you wonder how will he do as President when issues arise. Does he have the capacity for meaningful and thoughtful discussion?

Trump has never had to listen to anyone else’s advice. He barrels through life and relies on an army of accountants and lawyers to keep him out of hot water. Donald Trump had one policy plan the entire campaign. Build a wall with Mexico and get them to pay for it. He has retreated on this signature issue saying America will pay for it and Mexico will pay us back. How long before he gives up on both the idea they will pay it back? How many billions will he spend and still not get it built?

This brings up the question of his financial acumen. Donald Trump has failed to release his taxes for public inspection. What we know is that while he claims to be a billionaire he received money meant for New York small businesses. These September 11 rebuilding funds should have never been in his pocket if he has what he says he does. How did he qualify if he has the organization he claims. Which is it?

Finally, Donald Trump knows how to promote Donald Trump and that is it. He talks about making American great again. How do you do that while starting a trade war in Asia or being subservient to the Kremlin?

Trump can say whatever he wants on this issue, but the facts are clear. Our intelligence community intercepted Russian communications claiming victory over Trump’s election. The Russians claim to have compromising information on him. Financial or sexual or both. We know when these reports got reported, Trump’s first reaction was to defend Russia. He chose to defend Russia over defending the people trying to defend him.

I tend to agree with the people that say America is more than a great country, it’s a great idea. Freedom, liberty, truth. These are ideals you might find inscribed on your local college or university’s walls.

There are times I look at America and our state of being and wonder how we got here. We’re last in education among economically advanced countries. We pay more for healthcare while having a lower life expectancy. Our children are a nation of addicts. Sure there is weed and heroin. As bad are the addictions to anti-depressants, sugar, and twenty-four seven mindless entertainment. Fifty years ago we were teaching Greek and Latin in high schools. Not we wait until college to teach remedial English.

I look around and wonder how our nation got where we are today. Then I realize how we got a cartoon character in The White House. Sad.

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