Evan McMullin Should Run For Utah House of Representatives

By Bobby M.

I respect what Evan McMullin tried to do this past election season and appreciate all of the supporters who rallied to him, but a change of strategy is needed if the goal is to rebuild the Republican party around a different set of principles. That is why I propose that he instead run for office in the House of Representatives of his home state as opposed to continue to run as an independent candidate for President the next election.

In this past presidential campaign, McMullin was able to garner 21% of the total electoral vote in Utah. When you combine that with a large percentage that would cross over from the 27% who voted for Hillary Clinton, I would like to think that some combination of those two things should prove to be successful in the Republican primary if he ran for that spot in the House.

This is needed because Jason Chaffetz has got to go. That man may be one of the most corrupt politicians in all of Washington this side of Mitch McConnell. He was the person who actually leaked information regarding FBI Director James Comey’s letter that changed the election and did it in a way that made it seem worse than it actually was. There is also an argument to be made that he either colluded with Comey to make it all happen, or at least pressured him to do so. And he did all that from the supposed position of being the leader of an oversight committee in congress.

You would think that would be enough, but there is more bad news when it comes to Chaffetz. Like I said, he is in charge of the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee, yet apparently he only cares about doing so in a partisan manner. Not only does he not care if Donald Trump has conflicts of interest regarding his business relationships, Chaffetz is using his position to threaten people that speak out against it…most notably the Office of Government Ethics’ head Walter Shaub.

Evan McMullin ran for office on a promise of standing up for virtue and moral obligation regarding politics. There is plenty of time for him to begin such a campaign now since those elections happen every two years, with the next being November 2018. The best way he can continue his fight is to replace a crooked Republican congressman and become the next House of Representative for the 3rd district of Utah.


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