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America And The World Hold Its Collective Breath

By Jason Taylor

As President-elect, Trump has given us a sample of the kind of uncertainty that will follow him after January 20th, we know we are in for a rough ride. We know that he hates criticism, will try to destroy the critic and will attack the messenger. Criticize Trump repeatedly on multiple fronts and he will literally implode.The question is, how much of America will he take with him as he crashes in flames?

Donald Trump thrives on creating enemies and then trying to punish and humiliate them when they stand up to him. Until now he has mostly focused his ire on domestic foes, but his impending presidency now gives him an international theater full of major players to demonize and clash with. He has wasted no time in singling out our staunchest allies and most trusted partners for this special treatment while demonstrating great tenderness and leniency for vicious dictators like Putin. At what point do we say enough is enough — you weren’t elected to wreak havoc on our country and its relations with the rest of the world.

Trump has always signaled that unpredictability was his directorate. Respectfully, this approach will only work if there is trust among the governed that his unproductive impulses are going to be reliably wise in their scope. There is nothing wise about Donald Trump. Chaos is imminent, disgust and distrust are the road signs of Trump’s unreliable musings and governing.

All these concerned leaders of the world need only to look into Trump’s heart, as Kellyanne Conway has instructed.

Trump and his heartland supporters are turning people against each other here, and now Trump sets his sights on the world. The discord in the Trump administration is remarkable: how can he disagree with his Secretary of Defense over the role of NATO? It’s a Kabuki dance for Trump followers. They hate our government, but Trump has to have a government, so he selects his cabinet and then makes controversial comments about them in order to show that he’s the anti-government Trump that his followers elected.

Trump’s statements are at the emotional level of an eight-year-old. That NATO might need to improve a policy on terrorism does not mean that NATO is obsolete. By that reasoning, Trump has gone through so many bankruptcies that his business model is obsolete. So far, Trump has shown that he cannot get along with the entire world, with the exception, of course, of Russia. His isolation of the US from constructive alliances decreases our power in the world.

There is a reason we don’t let eight-year-olds drive. There is a reason why we assign young people the status of “minor” and have legal adults be responsible for them. We do these things because children do not have the emotional and intellectual tools to perform the tasks required in our society. The are not held responsible because they don’t understand the implications of their actions.

Then we elect Trump, the man-child, to the most powerful office in the world. All of our allies are trying to figure him out but there is nothing to figure. Trump is out of his depth. He is mentally incapable of holding high office.

Oh but his supporters say, but he is a billionaire! How could he be incompetent if he made all that money? Drug lords are billionaires. Dictators are billionaires. Hucksters are billionaires. Trump made his money by selling himself, his brand. In fact, his personality disorder(s), narcissism, gave him the ability to succeed in his business endeavors. But those characteristics prevent him from governing. He can only rule and rule badly.

Please stop “normalizing” Trump by implying that his unpredictability is a part of a technique of governance. The answer is much simpler. He is still deeply unfamiliar with history and geopolitics and deflects in order to distract.

Trump is mentally unstable. He cannot be predicted. His actions are not based in reason and logic. The foreign powers are rightly concerned. Unfortunately, they and the US have yet to cross the threshold and grasp the terrible reality of the situation. That is, we just put an eight-year-old in the White House. An eight-year-old with serious personality disorders which render him incapable of governing.

I cannot help but view the change in administration that is about to take place as the final confirmation that our system of government has failed. While some say that the peaceful transfer of power from one person to another is a sign of strength, there are so many questionable and unfathomable aspects to this past election that I see it as a calamity. If after 240 years of Independence we have only been able to arrive at the brink of disaster with the man named “Trump” becoming President, I say that our system has failed and our UNION has also failed.

The Federal Government is being handed over to a group of corrupt, immoral, unqualified vulgarians who couldn’t care less about the general welfare of the American people with the exception of their own intimates. America will suffer as a consequence and those that find the upcoming change anathema will likewise have to pay the piper for the insane choice that far too many millions of Americans made in electing by far the vilest man to ever occupy the office of President.

Since the days of Ronald Reagan Americans have been taught that Government is bad and Politicians, the “professionals” of Government, are even worse. Maybe they are. Now Americans will get a taste of the forbidden fruit, that is amateurs running the Government of the most powerful Nation known to man.

Good luck with that.

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1 Comment on America And The World Hold Its Collective Breath

  1. It’s become an evening ritual for me. I’ll be at home after work or something, dad will eventually go outside and smoke a cigar, which lets me curl up in the lazy chair with the dog and read a book with the t.v. off for a while (he has to have it on full volume because his hearing’s going bad). Well, he comes in, turns it on FOX news, and I leave the room to do something else. This has been the pattern since election night. I can’t stand hearing Trump’s voice anymore, and I really get irritated when it comes to the FOX people whining about democrats leaving Washington and being disrespectful about the inauguration night.

    Well, Republicans did the same damned thing when Obama got re-elected, so it’s not new. I think it’s unfortunate, but i hate how FOX is pretending this is all new stuff. It’s not. It’s been going on quite some time. That’s what aggravates me the most, they’re all becoming petty and vindictive while we have real issues to address, but they’ll never be addressed because a certain someone’s gonna be a (sing it, Bill Maher) “Whiny Little B***h!” This isn’t a friggin’ fraternity and you gotta impress the brothers, this is a nation of nearly 400 million people, and now the hollywood dumb frat stereotype is taking over.

    And while he’s whining, how much further will we circle the drain til he gets exactly what he wants?

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