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Trump Is Afraid Of The Former President Of Mexico

By Bobby M.

The former President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada, has been lighting Donald Trump up for the past week or so with insults. Topics have ranged from the obvious ‘Great Wall’, to taxes, to election interference. However, Trump will not reply to him at all and I am willing to bet it is because he knows he cannot compete with a true leader.

We all know how Trump hits back at people when he feels threatened as shown in this tweet…

This has been proven multiple times and most recently with his attacks on Representative John Lewis from Georgia when he said Trump’s presidency is illegitimate. But why did Trump not reply to this comment from Mr. Fox after the intelligence report from Russian interference in the election went public…

Why did Trump not attack Fox like he did Lewis for saying the same thing? Actually, considering the popular vote count loss was brought up, this comment may have been even worse to Trump. But is he afraid of getting into a war of words over the border wall that Mr. Fox has also kicked his butt on with…

Not only was there no 100x harder attack from Donald Trump, there was not attack back at all lending credence to my “he is afraid” premise. Here are some more really good shots from Vicente Fox at him…

And there is a lot more from the former President of Mexico towards Trump than just those few tweets as I was just showing off some of the highlights here. Perhaps Trump knows he is outclassed. Perhaps he knows any fight involving his wall is a losing battle. But like I said, perhaps it is because Trump is afraid to fight with him. That is my theory and I am sticking with it. If Trump is too scared to even reply to stuff like this, then he is not strong enough to lead our country, which is even more proof of his illegitimacy.

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