Russia Needs Trump And Tillerson In a $500 Billion Dollar Bad Way…

By, Jason Taylor

If an alien had landed on Planet Earth a week ago and listened to Trump’s speeches and read his Twitter feed it would have been left with the impression that the greatest threat to the United States was Meryl Streep and Russia was only a mildly misbehaving ally.

We twist ourselves into pretzels trying to explain and understand Donald Trump’s bizarre leanings toward Russia and harsh rejection of our own intelligence community. Maybe it’s all a matter of his lust for yet more wealth. Those 65+ million Russian acres waiting for Exxon-Mobil to develop as soon as the US lifts its sanctions must be mighty enticing. And how convenient to slide the Exxon-Mobil CEO into the Secretary of State position when he already has a “friendship” medal from Putin himself. And all those compromising calls and contacts between the Trump campaign et al and the Russians? Let’s just call a spade a spade folks: These people are NOT serving the best interest of the United States.

Rex Tillerson represents 500 billion dollar oil drilling rights in Russia that are blocked by American economic sanctions against Russia for the annexation of Crimea and the invasion of the Ukraine.

Russia can invade sovereign nations at will ignoring international law because Exxon Mobil needs to provide profits for its shareholders?. Talk about prostituting our value of standing up to dictators and the rule of international law. Donald Trump already says if they are helping us why should there be sanctions? We are about to renew cooperation with a man that leads his nation to annex/ invade territory — killing civilians, bomb civilians in Aleppo, and steals information from American entities worse than Nixon operatives did at Watergate — at least Nixon was American.

Donald Trump saying that president Obama was born “abroad” was a LIE not an unsubstantiated rumor. A vile, racist lie that was the foundations of his appeal. Trump is now being accused of substantiated, though not fully verified allegations. The sex stuff is the least important — possibly embarrassing but a private matter as far as I’m concerned. It’s the financial dealings that are relevant and the allegations have merit. All signs indicate Trump and his people have Russian ties, do lucrative business in Russia and can easily be bought.

It’s incredibly suspicious that Trump goes out of his way to praise Putin, ignores his gangsterism, downplays his anti-democratic actions in Russia, denies his illegal aggression against Ukraine, and excuses war crimes in Syria. Trump only fans suspicion about his motives when he insists on waging an open war on US intelligence agencies. He doesn’t seem to realize (or care?) that he’s weakening an essential element of national security.

Unfortunately, that’s exactly what you’d expect if he wanted to discredit an otherwise unimpeachable source likely to confirm his misdeeds. And Donald knows what a bad boy he’s been over the years. My guess? We’ve heard only a small fraction of his depravities, transgressions, and dirty business dealings. And nothing yet that explains his obligations to Putin.

However, unlike rogue elements of the FBI out to get Hillary Clinton without justification, disgruntled intelligence agencies here and abroad may have no choice but to find damaging information on Trump and quietly make it available to congress and the media. This is absolutely necessary if the President-Elect Trump threatens the safety and security of the US and its allies.

Even if we give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt, that he is not beholden in some way to Vladimir Putin, his bromance with the Russian strongman still is alarming. It betrays a profound naivety about history and a willingness to cozy up to a ruthless dictator whose chief foreign policy goal is to undermine liberal democracies. As Russian dissident Gary Kasparov has pointed out, it is rather odd that Trump has flip-flopped on the virtually issue except for his defense of Russia and its leader. Now, more than ever before, Trump needs to release his tax returns to help demonstrate that he has no financial ties to Russia. He should not be able to hide behind the bogus shield of an IRS audit any longer.

I think it is entirely possible that Trump is being blackmailed by Russia right now, even before he takes office. And/or the Trump people with Trump’s knowledge were in collusion with Russia to get Trump elected and this would be treason. I have little doubt that both Michael Flynn and Rex Tillerson, along with others were involved in this collusion.

I sincerely hope they will be summarily tried as traitors, starting with Donald Trump himself.

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