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“They’re Repealing Obamacare, Not The Affordable Care Act”

By Jason Taylor

Well, folks, have we reached the point yet where we realize that it’s up to us to fix this? And I’m not just talking about the ACA issue. We have been ill-served by politicians on both sides of the aisle for many years and this is what it has led to — a climate of fear and despair where we have no idea what will happen from one moment to the next.

We’ve all forgotten the civics lesson that in our country, all power comes from the people — US. And we are the ones that get to DIRECT what our elected officials do. All we need to do is come together, gather strength and support from each other and dictate our future to those who work for us. We have exercised our power so rarely that Members of Congress have assumed that power for themselves, reasoning our attention span is short and our interest shallow so we’ll turn to other matters quickly. Not this time.

What’s the rush with these republicans? They are like rabid dogs. Oh yeah. The top order of business in America today. Dismantling healthcare for all those taxpaying American citizens who don’t have any other coverage to fall back on, except of course if you are a politician in Washington. There they have the taxpayer funded gold plated Cadillac plan. What a bunch of mean-spirited people. Have they no shame?

One can only marvel at the masochism of the minority of American voters who, with James Comey and Vladimir Putin’s help, installed Trump in the White House. These are the very people who will be harmed the most by every policy that the illegitimate Trump administration and the Republican-controlled congress intend to foist on the American people.

Perhaps in no case is this truer than in the Republicans’ fanatical zeal to deny affordable health care to American citizens by any means, fair or foul. And just as one can only marvel at the masochism of Americans who vote Republican, one can also only marvel at the sadism of the Republican congresspeople who seem to take an obscene pleasure in harming Americans as much and in as many ways as they can. The only question is whether these submissive and slavish Republican voters will ever tire of being screwed by the very people they insist on sending to Washington.

Call a spade a spade. These jerks don’t care if millions of people lose their healthcare or if the industry goes into chaos. They have their own gold-plated insurance and they’ll never hurt like the millions they are screwing over.

What the Republicans are doing, for largely belligerent and partisan reasons, amounts to an astonishingly ugly act. It is being done for a number reasons, including pure revenge, and many of them would like to go after Medicare next. Some will likely be fine, but many others will not. As many of their party leaders are inclined to do, they give a yet greater advantage to those well off and strip those less fortunate. Their notions of state-run systems for our nation’s health care is also a form of … (there are too many invectives to fill the blank).

The Republicans will pull out all of the monetary support for the ACA. The requirements will remain because they need 60 votes to eliminate. No more taxes, no more subsidies, no more fines for not having insurance. They will not be able to replace it with anything because they can’t agree on anything except cutting taxes. The Democrats will hold steadfast and not support Ryancare or Trumpcare because they are horrible.

Without the financial support and remaining requirements, premiums will skyrocket and-and insurance will become unaffordable for anyone making less than $100,000. That is if those people can afford to pay $20,000 a year for insurance. Rural hospitals will close all over the country with the loss of Medicaid funding because many of our hardy, self-sufficient, white rural citizens are big consumers of Medicaid. The GOP will then say, “See, we told you Obamacare was bad.”

The Republican lawmakers’ determination to destroy our healthcare program, which despite growing pains and admitted defects currently takes care of tens of millions of formerly uninsured and former uninsurable Americans, is an assault on the most vulnerable and hard-pressed people in our country. Given that the GOP has no replacement plan, and its string-pullers can’t even agree among themselves on a plan, what is the point of this? To “show” President Obama who’s in control now? Is that why, lately, Mitch McConnell is so often photographed with that goofy smile on his face? What is this man smiling about? The richest and most powerful nation in the world could easily take care of its people’s health. But as long as Republicans control Capitol Hill, it won’t. Trump is a mere stalking horse; the real villains here are McConnell and Ryan.

Of course, if someone is going to be particularly hit, that’s rural America. It is in rural America where insurers are scant, where farm jobs are limited and come with no health care benefits, and where few hospitals, hence fewer opportunities for charity care, exist.

The Republicans have only ever had one alternative to Obamacare-nothing. That was their healthcare plan all the way through W’s administration. And apparently, their base doesn’t have the memory capacity to recall that there were increasing premiums and dwindling numbers of insured Americans during those 8 years. So they wait breathlessly to see how the Republicans can package nothing up as something new. In the meantime, Trump has promised to put forth his plan after his nominee for secretary of health and human services is confirmed. Which means it will be in the lineup of things to reveal including his tax returns, his plans for dealing with ISIS and what explosive facts he found out about Obama’s birth certificate in Hawaii.

This is so unimaginably irresponsible that it defies logic, not to mention common decency and compassion towards American citizens, millions who stand to lose acres to care. What is Mitch so proud of? Denying millions of American their basic right is criminal. Period. America already trails behind several countries in providing basic health care to its citizens. Just to spite a democratic president, the republicans are endangering the health of this country, literally. I have never been so ashamed of this country and the lack of leadership. People who have voted for Trump have saddled us all with an American tragedy.

I don’t think the Republicans have any intention of replacing Obamacare with their own healthcare plan. I think they want to repeal Obamacare, period. They care nothing about depriving millions of people of their healthcare. They’ll come after Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid next while giving the wealthy massive tax cuts. The Trump voters will soon feel the disastrous effects of living in Trump world.

Will the Republicans send notices to people in hospitals or those getting cancer treatments that they no longer will have insurance?

How anyone can be so stupidly naive is beyond me.

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  1. I completely agree with you. And I have to say, the people who voted for Trump are the ones who will be hurt the most.

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