Donald’s Magical, Mystery Inauguration

By Susan Kuebler

Instead of preparing himself for the job ahead, Donald Trump is obsessing over the glamorous attendees at his inauguration on January 20th.  In an interview given Monday with The New York Times, he said “There will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars.  All the dress shops are sold out in Washington.  It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.”

This is a perfect example of Trump’s magical thinking.  Multiple news organizations report that there are PLENTY of dresses available.  One store owner told People Magazine that this was, in fact, his worst year of inaugural ball gown sales in his 38 years of business.

Last Friday he tweeted “Hopefully, all supporters, and those who want to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, will go to D.C. on January 20th.  It will be a GREAT SHOW!”  For those old enough to recall, the voice of Ed Sullivan echoes throughout this email.  It’s not about being a solemn and historic occasion.  It’s now about the honor and prestige of the office.  It’s all about the SHOW!

Nearly everyone following the news is familiar with Trump’s pathetic attempts to invite A-list celebrities to perform at his inauguration.  Whereas in 2012 President Obama has the likes of Kelly Clarkson, James Taylor, and Beyoncé in attendance, Trump has only been able to attract Jackie Evancho, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir (who have performed at the last five Presidential inaugurations), at least some of the Rockettes, (whose employer was a contributor to the Trump campaign), AND the Missouri State University Chorale. The Inaugural Gala, scheduled for January 19th, features country performers Big & Rich along with Cowboy Troy.  Don’t worry, nobody else has heard of them either.

Fortunately for Trump, all but one of the current living presidents have agreed to attend.  The only exception is George H. W. Bush who can plead age and ill health.  Some sitting members of Congress have said they were boycotting the swearing-in and the word is that the Obamas are planning to get the hell out of Dodge right after the ceremony.

The mystery revolves around how many ordinary people will show up on January 20th.  Anyone who has lived in Washington D.C. can tell you that January is not a good month to come there unless you absolutely have to do it.  It can get downright cold and nasty.  Based on the lackluster turnout during Trump’s victory lap tour after the election, it remains to be seen how many of his faithful will make the effort to travel to D.C. to wait in line and stand outside in undetermined weather to hear the likes of the Missouri State University Chorale.  Is it possible that Trump has an inauguration and nobody shows up?

But back to the dresses.  The Trump team plans to hold three official Inaugural Balls.  This is not unusual.  In addition, a number of unofficial inaugural events are also scheduled for the evening of January 20th.  Perhaps the most notable are the Deploraball, which created controversy on the Internet among several of Trump’s more, well, deplorable supporters.  A Twitterstorm erupted over who was, or was not, invited and who was going to host the event.  Not sure what the dress will be for this event  Possibly camo and white sheets

But unless most of the attendees, including those going to the official events, are packing their own gowns or donning previously worn gowns (gasp!) there may not be as large a turnout as Trump expects.  And no one is reporting any vast number of “movie and entertainment stars” who plan to attend. If they are coming, Trump is being downright mysterious about who they are.  This may be yet another example of Trump’s magical thinking, but who knows, perhaps Putin has a plan.

What is NOT a mystery is the Women’s March on Washington D.C. set for the day after the inauguration. Estimates for this march range from 100,000 to 200,000 people.There is no way that Trump can avoid seeing the crowds who traveled from all parts of the country to protest against him, instead of for him.  And no amount of magical thinking can change that.


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  1. Good post. It’s interesting (but not surprising) to see just how disengaged almost everyone is with Trump. I imagine that the “protest vote” against Hillary stopped as soon as the Trump button was pressed as most seem to not care for him at all. He’s delusional and people who like to, and are used to, “winning” then suddenly don’t win, become even more irrational and unpredictable. That thought is absolutely frightening and at some point will certainly keep me up at night.

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