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Donald Trump, Word Salad Extraordinaire

By Bobby M.

Donald Trump finally held his first press conference in about six months and he still sounds as incoherent as ever. For someone who attempted to force President Barack Obama to show off his college transcripts, maybe someone should do the same for him. How can someone that communicates in the manner in which he does actually have higher education?

Supposedly he went to Fordham University before transferring to an Ivy League school in the University of Pennsylvania. But the way he talks, it sounds like he did not even make it past high school. I have to believe that both of those colleges admissions standards were relaxed because of some donation from his rich father.

While he did take actual questions from the media, when not accusing the reporter asking of fake news that is, he still did not give any real details. Apparently the man is not capable of expressing particulars and characteristics of a premise or argument when speaking. That was proven by his performances in all of the debates. And what was up with his hiring of an audience to cheer his comments and jeer others all to support him? That better not be allowed when he is in the White House holding these kind of events.

Yes, I called it an event because that was what it was, Trump trying to put on a show and trick people into thinking he can do the job of running our country. And what was up with the props of empty folders to try and make it seem like he has been doing more work than he has been? By the way, it was not a coincidence that he did all at the same time as various confirmation hearings. He either thought he would take some focus away from those, or some of what he was saying would get lost in the shuffle…or both.

Now let us now compare President Obama’s farewell address. He spoke so eloquently and got people to elicit strong emotional reactions to what he was saying. And that is something he has done from the moment he stepped onto the national scene. Everyone knows that he is a very smart man due to the way he communicates to us all. We traded that all in for a man that wants to dictate everything in 140 characters on Twitter so he cannot be questioned correctly. Do not normalize this and do not give Trump the benefit of the doubt. He needs to be held accountable for everything he does the same way every single President before him has been because it is about our future, not about him trying to heighten his fame and fortune.

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2 Comments on Donald Trump, Word Salad Extraordinaire

  1. I work with educated people and I’m shocked and dismayed at their lack of concern. I cannot believe the sheer number of people who are willing to look the other way when this man says offensive, outrageous and hateful things. And then there’s the grammar…thank you for your blog post. It gives me hope. I do believe Trump will be his own undoing.

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