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Donald Trump’s Presser Only Confirms…

By Jessica Grant

Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me a moment to be perfectly real with you in regards to our President-Elect.

Donald Trump was able to get elected by hiding his tax returns, by making lofty, unrealistic promises, and by straight up distorting and contorting the truth. An already entitled man has been further lifted up by the hero worship of his supporters, by raucous cheering crowds, by fawning and flattering Twitter posts, and by frauds like Kellyanne Conway and Jeffrey Lord and Katrina Pierson who have obfuscated infinitely and defended his every stinking word. There is not one moment in which his supporters have not defended even the indefensible.

We have taken away the incentive for him to release his tax returns by rewarding this behavior with a victory. He does not see an upside to releasing them now. He has convinced himself (or is pretending) that the American people don’t care to see them. The latest polls in regards to this seem to be disjointed from our actions as a citizenry.

Every precedent that Trump has broken has merely ended up as a talking point in the news. He has experienced no real consequence for these behaviors. Why would he change them?

I hate to be the deliverer of bad news, but this man is not going to truly separate himself from his businesses. He is not going to respect nepotism laws or the Emolument Clause. He will not attempt to be transparent with the American people. He does not believe the rules apply to him, and why would he? He has managed to dodge every standard or law or boundary that would’ve derailed you or me, and that did derail Rubio and Cruz and Kasich and Clinton along the path of destruction that is Donald Trump.

All those years of the ACLU and other liberal institutions fighting conservatives over every…little…issue… where are they?! They are needed now. One can only hope all hands are on deck working frantically in their offices and will come ready on February 1st when Trump has undoubtedly breezed past the first law that doesn’t suit him.

To the apologizers and proppers up of this man: I am sorry that you elected someone who does not respect you enough to make it easy for you to defend him. It can’t be easy knowing that your selection breaks his promises to you and to your fellow citizens; that your selection does not have the integrity to do what he says he will do; that your selection is not only NOT draining the swamp, he’s the fattest alligator in it.

Unfortunately, though, you will be responsible for the embarrassment of our great nation over the next 4 years, just as you accused Obama supporters of being for the last 8 (they will hold you to the same standard to which you held them, as they should). And, that’s only if things go halfway decently. History won’t forgive you in any other scenario.


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3 Comments on Donald Trump’s Presser Only Confirms…

  1. Reblogged this on w1nt3l and commented:
    Good description of what we can expect over the next four years based on actions and decisions from the last month or so. I think a lot of people are going to be disappointed.

  2. Alex santangelo // January 13, 2017 at 1:58 am // Reply

    Who gives a crap? Trump won. You lost.

  3. Unfortunately are schools and social networking has created ignorant people like this girl s article ,,Jessica Grant ,,,wrote Trump is old school American he has more values then most if not all Senators,,Congress in our government ,and i know what im talking about ..Not getting information from stupid articles like this one ,mrs Grant wrote ,,she obviously has never owned a business ,,,clueless ,,,,the reason hes dost put his taxes out,,, is because of people like her ,,clueless never ran a business no idea how screwed up our tax system is ,,,everything done according to law ..laws made my scumbags like Hillary ..When you have the highest corporate tax in the world ,,you have to figure out all the lu poles ,,,if big business didn’t their wouldn’t be any corporations to work for ..Read our cooperate laws on tax structor get educated before you open your mouth ,,talk bs themn write a article to keep your ignorant followers as you like dumb and dumber …Hillary is the biggest crook in DC ,,look er up on legistorm .com …find out how they went from totally broke when they left the white house ..Then magically their worth a few hundred million …ask her why she took all the W from the white house lol i know things that would make your stomach turn ,,,ignorant reporter like you Jessica grant .Im not going to say what i would like to because of dumb asses like her ..if you only new …Paul l

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