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Meghan McCain Was Wrong About Meryl Streep

By Bobby M.

In general, I have always been a fan of Meghan McCain. This was easier to do when she was on Pivot channel’s TakePart Live as opposed to her work now for Fox New propaganda. I say all that so as to give a little reference to what I am about to state regarding her latest comments about Meryl Streep’s speech where the actress blasted Donald Trump at the Golden Globe awards after winning the Cecil B. Demille award.

She is basically saying Trump won because of American people’s outrage towards something called “liberal privilege”. There are many reasons why Clinton lost to this buffoon,  so trying to put it all on that one thing is ridiculous. But that is a theory conservative media like to propagate because it promotes their own agenda.

I would argue that the following be given more weight than her statement when it comes to reasons for the election outcome: Horrible overall campaign strategy by Robbie Mook and John Podesta (seriously, those guys should never work in this business again), the Russian influence involvement using fake news/Twitter bots/propaganda, GOP Secretaries of States being allowed to disqualify actual placed votes using #CrossCheck, the mainstream media not fulling vetting the multitude of scandals regarding Donald Trump like they did for Hillary’s emails when it comes to developing a national mindset, and GOP leadership allowing election interference from James Comey’s FBI while proving to be hypocrites on the subject due to Mitch McConnell covering up a similar type announcement that the CIA wanted to make earlier when it came to Russia.

When there is an outcome like we just had, there are numerous other reasons that could be discussed, but that is not the focus of this article…but I will give one more reason because it is pertinent to this conversation. And that is that people like Meghan McCain, who knew just how horrible Trump would be as a President chickening out and not voting for the real alternative to prevent it from happening. Granted, this only really mattered in swing states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, but it needs saying.

After what Trump did to her father, she above most people should have done what it took to make sure he was not elected. So now when she is using her talking head status to lend credence to conservative media’s attempt to scapegoat against what they call “liberal privilege” instead of using the truth, it pisses me off. Maybe I should rethink what it is about her that used to appeal to me if all she is going to do now is be a tool for Fox News propaganda.

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