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President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet Confirmation Hearings Begin With Sessions

Donald Trump and Senator Jeff Sessions at Ladd-Peebles Stadium promoting his campaign for presidency in Mobile, Alabama August 21, 2015.

By, Jason Taylor

The hypocrisy of Mitch McConnell and Republicans is twilight zone material. They did every rotten political trick for 8 years and now want the benefit of the doubt when conducting the Countries business of confirming President-Elect Trump’s Cabinet picks.

Why should exceptions to our country’s rules and regulation be given to Trump, his family, and his appointments? Trump sure wasn’t vetted properly in the first place and his ethically challenged appointments should not be approved without a complete vetting. Very few of these people are even remotely qualified for the positions they are appointed to.

Competent advice and consent are not possible under McConnell’s set of rules. This is so obvious that it is fair to say the McConnell is broadcasting his contempt for the rules and norms as a threat — just as Trump is broadcasting his utter contempt for the government he is elected to by selecting what appears to be the worst qualified set of leaders ever.

The nomination of Sessions for Attorney-general is an insult to the country. This neo-Confederate, racist puppet of the NRA is a glaring example of why Trump is unfit to be president. The only silver lining is that sooner or later (probably sooner) Sessions will mire himself and his boss in scandal.

The Republican Party should be reminded especially McConnell that they would not allow confirmations if anyone President Obama nominated was not vetted right and all requested pieces in place. I think that if they have not supplied the necessary forms there should be no hearings. I don’t know why Trump is trying to ram these guys through but my guess is they are so conflicted with self-interest they should not be appointed.

My guess is that Trump is trying to play the media again by having a press conference (1st in 6 months) on Wednesday in which I have no doubt he will say something to make headlines. Hoping to get the press off Washington hearings. I think 5 hearings are to begin that day most without the proper paperwork. You know if Obama had tried to do this with his appointments the Conservatives, McConnell and Fox News all would have lost their minds.

Nearly every one of our president-elect’s appointments is tainted, and Mr. Sessions is surely one of the most egregious examples. The rational thing to do would be for Democrats and Republicans alike to deny his appointment to a position that he is uniquely unqualified to hold. His confirmation would be so contrary to decency and common sense that it would loudly affirm the disregard that the incoming administration feels for the diverse citizenry they are sworn to govern.

But even if we dodge the Session bullet, we’re still facing a salvo of other candidates, each of whom is either unqualified, inept, willfully ignorant or ideologically opposed to the very essence of what their appointments are supposed to represent.

Winning a skirmish or two will do nothing to end the war on sane, progressive and compassionate governance. Moderate Republicans are cowed, Democrats are outnumbered, and the worst are full of passionate intensity. Instead, we might hope that all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out. We can’t do much to improve a merely bad administration, but we may be able to discredit, and possibly dismantle a truly insane one.

The people who will govern us already think that we’re revolting. Maybe it’s time we lived up to their expectations.

There should be a timeout and review of all of Trump’s Cabinet appointees, including financial documents, evidence of racism, and much else. Not to mention, Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson’s case, financial relationships with Russia over Arctic oil development. A full dossier on Rex would lead to his being arrested, not given the job of Secretary of State.

Trump’s first eight appointees have enough skeletons to fill a graveyard in a major city. The Senate doesn’t care, since they just want to continue the grift.

Senator Sessions holds tight to beliefs about society that are out-dated and dangerous. He will minimize, or completely eliminate federal oversight and investigations of possible excessive force or targeting of minorities by police at a time when distrust between police and minorities is at a high. He will increase the incarceration rate and fight against the legalization and decriminalization of drugs. And, as more drug offenders end up in prison, he will refuse any reform aimed at decreasing their minimum sentences, depriving life and liberty to thousands for smoking marijuana.

And this is all amplified by claims from former colleagues that Sessions holds racist viewpoints. And while his views may have evolved since the 80s (I don’t want to make false accusations), it will significantly impair his ability to be seen as a fair and equal attorney general that represents all people fairly. He is the wrong pick for a very important position, and Democrats should not be weary about challenging this first significant position, despite the backlash they will inevitably face from the right.

What strikes me most is the hypocrisy of the Senate leadership. When Obama’s cabinet picks were sent to the Senate, McConnell and Republicans demanded every piece of paper and slow walked candidates (there are still a considerable number of nominations that were never considered). Now with Trump in charge, McConnell and Republicans want to push them all through in a couple of weeks. If there ever was a person who deserved hypocrite of the decade award, it would be McConnell.

Trump demanded all of Hillary Clinton’s emails while he refused to show us his tax returns. Sessions demand full disclosure from others but think he’s immune. Trump wants to “drain the swamp” but instead he fills it with toxic waste. This is the GOP hypocrisy that is so obvious and galling, and yet Trump voters look the other way. When this circus gets rolling and all those Trump voters never see a thing they thought they were voting for it will be too late. Anyone stupid enough to think Trump will care about anyone but Trump deserves what he/she gets.

Democrats should give Sessions, and every other Trump cabinet pick EXACTLY the same treatment McConnell and the Senate Republicans gave Merrick Garland. It’ll take oh, about 4 years of due diligence to get through the neo-swamp of appointees here.

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