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Donald Trump’s Twitter Obsession Continues

By, Jason Taylor

As I predicted last night before heading off to bed Donald Trump would be giving us yet another Twitter rant to talk about today. And although it wasn’t a 3 am rant (5 am) it was more of what we’ve come to expect from our soon to be President.

President-Elect Trump obviously has nothing better to do than to watch the Golden Globes and take issue with what actress Meryl Streep has to say about him. Streep never mentioned Trump by name, but she didn’t need to. Donald knew, as did the rest of us what incident Meryl Streep was referencing. During a rally on November 25, 2015, Donald Trump mocked a New York Times reporter that suffers from a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arms.

Once again this leaves many wondering how far will Donald Trump take his Twitter madness. How long after Trump is inaugurated will it take him to go off on a world leader via Twitter? And when he does what will be the ramifications? WWIII? A trade war? One of Trump’s loyal supporters taking up arms against a person that President Trump has a problem with? No one knows, and that’s a scary prospect.

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