President-Elect Trump Needs a Reality Check

By, Jason Taylor

It’s become apparent that Trump has a difficult time telling the truth because he’s had very little experience at it. With each successive lie, we know Trump’s painted himself into a corner before he’s capable of knowing.

When Trump offered his sheepish statement that he knows” things” about Russian hacking that others don’t, it was obvious he was lying. It was the same lie he gave about his “investigators” who uncovered “things” about Obama’s real birthplace. Trump had mental health issues back as a teenager. We should be able to demand a thorough psychological exam of a president-elect, who is exhibiting erratic, potentially dangerous behavior.

Trump has demonstrated he is in the grip of an egomania which makes it impossible for him to admit he is wrong, made a mistake, or accept any fact which reduces the legitimacy of his election “win,” such as that he lost the popular vote by nearly 3 million, that his Electoral College win margin was among the lowest in history, or that the Russian hacking worked against Hillary Clinton to tip the election in Trump’s favor, even when that fact is confirmed by the combined resources of America’s intelligence community.

Instead of admitting he was wrong, now he turns to a common tactic of propaganda, creating a “contention deflection,” saying that Democrats had poor security which allowed them to be hacked while the GOP was prepared and not hacked, which is a false statement.

America is in trouble, because it will be saddled with a president who cares more about his image than the well-being of the nation’s people, because its head of state (not leader) can’t admit error and is arrogant enough to think he need not rely on the advice or knowledge of security and diplomatic professionals who serve in government agencies he will head. Hopefully, though doubtfully, Republicans will place the nation above politics if Trump crosses the line on impeachable offenses; otherwise, the only resolution will again be in the hands of voters, in two years and four years time.

It’s tough being a narcissist, as the legitimacy of Trump’s presidency falls with each passing day.

Donald Trump is a conceited human being who we the people should be very afraid he will do us harm by his refusal to see the reality we all live in and replacing it with his own. He is not a president of the people of America. He is an elected person for his own edification. His utter support of the head of the Russian government, Vladimir Putin, who has in his entire career has had the United States in his sights to damage, Trump’s bedding with Putin is shockingly outrageous and we the people need to be fearful and extremely apprehensive. Trump must be made to reveal his tax returns.

All Trump seems to care about is how the hacking might have affected him. How long will it take for him to develop the attitude that the concerns of the people of the US are his first priority now? I’ve never seen a US president more reluctant to do his job. And will he ever come to realize that if outsiders can hack the election, then we have to start worrying about everything else that they might be able to control? Will he ever get un-stuck on the election and move on to really caring about security? I have trouble sleeping at night, worrying about all the things that Trump apparently isn’t worried about.

If Trump had been less disparaging publicly of the intelligence community he might have been made privy to the intelligence they shared with NBC before they were. Moreover, claiming that the intelligence community was wrong about WMD in Iraq is to forget that it was Blair and Bush who insisted on there being WMD in Iraq when both British and US intelligence communities told them only that that was a possibility. But did Trump pretend to forget those realities, or has his reading of publicly available information on that subject been, typically and disgracefully negligent?

Donald Trump’s ego only allows him to admit to the Russians hacking being one on many possibilities, and he asserts that it had no effect on the election.

It makes one want to ask Donald Trump just what planet he is living on?

No effect on the election, the serial WikiLeaks dripping out emails that provided a plethora of talking points for him to continuously hammer away at Hillary Clinton. Is Trump for real?

He can’t bring himself to accept that the hacking absolutely did affect the election, making him, Donald J. Trump, the preferred candidate of Vladimir Putin and the Russian oligarchs, thus making Donald J. Trump the First Illegitimate President of the United States. It must be an awful burden for Trump’s ego to bear, not only did he finish second in the election by 3 million votes to Hillary Clinton, a woman, but was able to barely win an electoral college victory by small margins in the 3 swing states, now he has to carry the weight of being Putin’s chosen one.

Trump is terrified at the possibility that Putin influenced the election because like all autocrats and demagogues he is desperate for legitimacy. The same seething resentment that led Putin to take up arms against Hillary Clinton— driven by his fear of being rejected by the Russian public — leads Trump to deny any fact that might delegitimize his rule. After all, what would you expect from a person who worked so hard to delegitimize President Obama?

Putin knows he is better off when America is weak. Nothing weakens the US more than Donald J. Trump.

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