Donald’s Latest Building Project: We All Get Stiffed

By Susan Kuebler

The signature promise of Donald Trump’s campaign from its inception was that he was going to build a wall on the border with Mexico AND that he would make Mexico pay for it. He proclaimed this loudly when he announced his candidacy and it continued it during all of his rallies. He shouted to his adoring crowds “Who’s going to build a wall?” “WE ARE!!!.” they yelled. “And who is going to pay for it?” he exclaimed. “MEXICO!!!” came the resounding response.

The first crack in the “wall” appeared in February 2016 when the former and fiery President of Mexico, Vicente Fox Quesada told Jose Ramos in an interview that “I’m not going to pay for that f***ing wall!” His statement elicited a typical Trumpian response where Donald chastised Fox for using the “F” word. He later told his supporters that because of Fox’s statement “The wall just got 10 feet higher.”

But more disturbing cracks became evident after Trump’s impromptu, and ill-advised, trip to Mexico in late August of last year. Despite Trump’s claim to the press that there was no discussion of the wall during his meeting with the current president of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto, the Mexican President followed up earlier comments with a Tweet in Spanish “I repeat what I told him personally: Mr. Trump, Mexico will never pay for a wall.” (Tweet dated September 2, 2016) That means that both the current and former presidents of Mexico have personally told Donald Trump that Mexico has absolutely no intention of paying for his effing wall.

Throughout his campaign, there were continual reports that Donald Trump routinely failed to pay contractors who worked on his various building projects. Lawsuits, liens, and other legal remedies are currently filed against Trump or his businesses. Bloomberg Politics reported on January 5, 2017, that Trump’s renovation of the Old Post Office Building in Washington, D.C., and proudly launched last year as the Trump International Hotel, now has $5 million in unpaid worker liens filed against it. That $5 MILLION DOLLARS.

On Friday, January 6, 2017, Vicente Fox Quesada reiterated his position vis a vis the border wall in a Tweet where he said “TRUMP, when will you understand that I am not going to pay for that fucken wall. Be clear with the U.S. taxpayers. They will pay for it.” Despite his somewhat adorable misspelling of the F-bomb, it appears that Trump may have already gotten the message. Perhaps he knew it all along.

According to the respected publication The Hill, “Reports emerged Thursday evening [the day before Vicente Fox’s latest tweet] that Trump was coordinating with House Republican leaders to build the proposed wall using U.S. tax dollars, despite his campaign pledge that Mexico would pay for the project.”

Naturally, Trump to his favorite means of communication, Twitter, to respond. Between tweets slamming Toyota for daring to build a manufacturing plant in Mexico to those questioning the integrity of U. S. intelligence sources, Trump blamed the “dishonest media” for his about-face. On January 6th he tweeted “The dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building the Great Wall (for the sake of speed) will be paid back by Mexico later.” Yet again, Vicente Fox responded on Twitter “Trump may ask whoever he wants, but still neither myself nor Mexico is going to pay for his racist monument. Another promise he can’t keep”

Just as Trump never made clear in the first place how he was going to get Mexico to pay for the wall in the first place, he fails to explain how he is going to get them to reimburse us for it. Does he intend to invade Mexico and confiscate the money?

According to the Los Angeles Times, the initial funding for the wall is estimated to be somewhere between $12 billion and $38 billion. (emphasis added) The U. S. taxpayers (and Donald Trump is proudly not one) are going to foot the bill to realize another one of Trump’s building projects. And as Mexico has made abundantly clear, on more than one occasion, we have been played for fools by Trump. Why should we be surprised? This is how Trump does business.

The U.S taxpayers now join ranks with the hundreds of contractors, painters, and plumbers who took Donald Trump at his word. And just like them, we are getting stiffed for the bill.

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