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Why We ALL Need To Join The Resistance

By Susan Kuebler

“Divide and conquer” enabled Donald Trump to defeat a slate of 16 rivals for the Republican nomination.  Nearly all of these candidates were far better qualified than Trump to be the President of the United States.  It was inevitable that with such a large field of candidates it would be virtually impossible for any single contender to achieve a majority in any of the primaries.

Trump courted some of his rivals while pitting others against each other.  Two of the first-tier frontrunners to drop out, Ben Carson and Chris Christie, immediately threw their support to Trump.  Christie acted despicably by doing everything in his power to destroy Marco Rubio during the debates before he became a turncoat Trumper. His perfidy, coupled with the political baggage of Bridgegate and the animosity of Trump’s son-in-law, left him wandering in political equivalence of Siberia.  Ben Carson, an amiable but thoroughly unqualified individual, has been rewarded with a Cabinet position.

As other contenders fell by the wayside, Lindsey Graham after South Carolina, and Marco Rubio after Florida, the field was eventually whittled down to three candidates: Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and John Kasich.  By the time the smoke cleared, Trump was able to claim that had won more primary votes in a Republican election than any other candidate in history.  His total was 13.3 million votes.  While this is true, what is equally true that far more people (nearly 16 million) voted AGAINST him.  His winning percentage was around 46%.  He won the delegates but lost the overall popular votes.

A similar scenario played out in the general election, where four candidates, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson, and Jill Stein campaigned for the presidency.  A last-minute bid by Independent Evan McMullin also drew a number of votes.  Had the votes won by third-party candidates in just four key battleground states gone to Clinton instead of Trump, we would now be talking about Madam President.  And once again, Trump LOST the overall popular vote (by over 2 million), but gained enough electors to win the election.

Trump was a minority Republican nominee and is a minority President. During the primaries and extending into the general election, many Republicans identified themselves as “Never Trump.”  This was a coalition of supporters of Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, and others who vehemently opposed his candidacy.  Many ranged from conservative to highly conservative but also included some moderates and even a couple of liberals.

After the election, people on social media began to talk about forming a resistance movement against Donald Trump.  Die-hard Never Trumpers suddenly found themselves in a group that included die-hard Clinton supporters.  Some have expressed concern about aligning themselves with people who political and social views are so diametrically opposed to their own.  What we need to recognize is that Donald Trump quite possibly poses the greatest threat to our country in our history.  We need to set aside our differences not only for the sake of our country but in order to keep faith with those who have gone before us and those who will come after us.  We need to present a united front, we who are the majority who voted against a Trump presidency, to stop him from destroying our nation, and, hopefully, remove him from office.

Trump succeeded only because his opponents were always divided.  He will continue to succeed if we remain divided.  Now is the time to remember that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”  Now is the time that we ALL need to become part of The Resistance.  We are 68 million strong.  One snowflake alone melts quickly.  Thousands of snowflakes are an annoyance.  But 68 million snowflakes are a blizzard, an avalanche that can sweep Trump from the political landscape!

To use the words of the courageous underground fighters in France against Nazi occupation – Vive le Resistance!!!!!

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