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Q: Should I Join #TheResistance If I Hate Donald Trump?

By Tom Milligan

I’m sure you’ve seen them right?

Those groups of patriotic Americans refusing to bow to Trump’s tyranny, lies, and treason.

Their hashtags are popping up all over the place:





Regardless of the hashtag used today, they all stem from the #NeverTrump movement – and for that I support and applaud them.

#NeverTrump started out as a group of conservatives that saw through Trump’s smokescreen and realized quite early what a horrible human being Trump is, what a stain he is on the GOP, and most importantly, what a complete joke he’ll be as our President.

#NeverTrump was formed to save conservatism.

But the minute Trump won the GOP nomination, hoards of Democrats joined the movement and #NeverTrump ceased to be about conservatism and became purely anti-Trump – focused solely on stopping Trump from winning the general election at all costs.

For some, that meant voting for Hillary.  For others, a 3rd party candidate.

The result is that literally millions more Americans voted AGAINST Donald Trump than voted FOR Donald Trump.  

evan mcmullin.jpgAs for me; I’m proud to have supported (and voted for) Evan McMullin because I couldn’t vote for either Democrat in the race – regardless of the letter they wrote on their forms.

My guy lost.

The other guy won.

Those millions that voted against Donald aren’t happy at all.  Many are calling for the repeal of the electoral college, for vote recounts, to disqualify electors, and other wasteful activities that have no hope of success.

But I guess it will help them feel like they did everything they could.

Good for them.  I hope they get what you need.

Despite what I believe to be the single biggest collective faux pas in our nation’s history, I strongly support and defend the electoral college and the results of the election.  Any misguided attempt to eliminate the electoral college is founded in either blatant disregard for history or just plain old stupidity.

Enter The Resistance Party, (@resistanceparty) one of the strongest voices in resisting the coming disaster that is Donald Trump.

It’s easy agree with their view on Donald Trump:

“In the United States, the radicalized Republican Party under Donald J. Trump is laying the foundation for a program dangerously reminiscent of fascism that we may refer to as Trumpism.”

I couldn’t agree more.  In fact, many of my conservative friends have seen the anti-Trump tweets with #TheResistance hashtag and jumped on board without hesitation.

The hashtag has gained such popularity that using it will almost certainly increase your Twitter followers.  Just this past weekend, there was a Twitter “follow party” complete with detailed instructions on how to become a part of #TheResistance – but mostly how to gain a lot of followers.

One Tweep said he’d gained 20,000 followers in just two days!

That’s awesome!  Good for them.

Again, it’s easy to get on board if all you care about it stopping Trump or gaining lots of Tweeps.  But I prefer to dig a little deeper before using a hashtag and unwittingly throwing my support behind a liberal movement.

With that in mind, I posted this last week:

So besides hating Trump, what else is in The Resistance Party’s platform?

“The Resistance Party will organize on behalf of progressive causes and candidates.”

“We also stand for a broad progressive vision for America that may be described as democratic socialism.”

“The Resistance Party supports Black Lives Matter.”

“We call for state mandated paid parental leave, allowing both fathers and mothers to take time off work for parenting.”

“We will defend Obergefell v. Hodges and will push for the expansion of transgender rights, including bathroom access.”

“We also call upon the US to take a leading role in resettling Syrian refugees.”

“The Resistance Party calls for the implementation of a single payer, state-managed healthcare system.”

“The Resistance Party backs the Fight for $15 and in fact would call for an even higher minimum wage.”

“The scientific consensus on such matters as climate change must be recognized by politicians and the federal bureaucracy as fact.”

Are any of those positions the least bit conservative?

Of course not.

Quite frankly, though I’m loathe to admit it, many of their goals are far left of Trump – who we all know is a raging leftist.

To be fair, it’s important to note that not everyone using the #TheResistance hashtag supports The Resistance Party or its ideals.  In fact, many conservatives actively use the hashtag.

So should you join #TheResistance?

Go ahead.

Do whatever you feel is best for you and your family.

But please don’t adopt any of the liberal ideals so many in #TheResistance have in their hearts and to which so many conservatives have unwittingly become associated.

It’s almost as bad as saying you’re a conservative that supports Trump.



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