2016: The Year That Was…

By: David Oslin

I have to think back…you’ll find I do that a lot. But as I sat down at my desk to start typing this up a quote hit me.

It was the year of fire, the year of destruction, the year we took back what was ours.

It was the year of rebirth, the year of great sadness, the year of pain, and the year of joy.

It was a new age, it was the end of history, it was the year everything changed.

Babylon Five, Season 4’s opening. The greatest Season in Modern Science Fiction. When you think about it though 2016 has been all of this. And more. Don’t believe me?

Chicago is more dangerous than Iraq, the most dangerous thing you could do these days is get into a political conversation in these fine states. And if you don’t believe Trump supporters think they took back what was theirs… Riots all over the country. Anyone sane thought us one or two steps short of a shooting civil war. We still haven’t exactly pulled back from that. Now add in this Torture mess in Chicago… People want Sanity back in their lives, order.

Forces both of Light and Darkness were forced to reexamine themselves and change. No one is the same not even close. Objectively, we all have been reborn in these incredible times. Though most of us have not realized that particular fact. And there has been true sadness, unexpected deaths, not just of celebrities. Friends left us, both physically and metaphorically. There are constant wars in the middle east with no end to the conflict, Russians invade Ukraine and no one does anything? China threatening the entire Pacific Ocean? And at home? The leaders we put our faith in. The ones we DARED HOPE TO BELIEVE were actually able to listen and follow God’s word? All proved themselves inadequate to the task at hand.

The pain of this past year can be measured in the body count by some. The bank account by others. The emotional stress and chaos of watching people you thought friend turn against you would count as well. You think emotional stress isn’t a factor? I scared my fellow writers recently when I came to a stunning realization: I couldn’t finish a game. I had a pretty bad idea of what the ending was going to be. And I didn’t want to see that. Especially in the face of Rogue One. Normally I would have been the one to do a review of that movie…I personally hated it. But it’s a good movie. And that game? I finished it…I wish I hadn’t.

This all comes back to pain and how much of it we can stand, These days I feel at my limit but yet I can not step back. I keep moving forward through even more pain. I can’t detach myself. Are these limits real? Or is it something else? But not everyone can even recognize this much. As for joy? There isn’t much joy to be found at least if you’re a Constitutionalist like myself. The people around you voted for a Pig, and they’ll get one. The first pick for AG is someone who believes strongly in Civil Asset Forfeiture. Which is a violation of multiple amendments of the constitution. And the Trump supporters cheer blindly. His top Advisor was Cheering the UN decision on Israel. Don’t believe me? Look up Bannon. Small business is headed up by a circus clown who couldn’t be elected. Treasury has no interest in auditing or ending the Fed.

But their guy won, so the Trump supporters stand and cheer in oblivious joy while before he even enters office King Cheeto is declared such by the RNC and he backtracks all campaign promises. So I suppose for them at least. There has been joy.

2016 will mark a turning point on multiple fronts. The political conversation in this country has forever been altered. You will no longer be able to just say you will defend something. If you are going to say something. You better be damn ready to DIE for it. Guess what sports fans. This writer is. This writer IS. Because I still believe that every honest true American has a voice in this country. This nation was BORN on telling someone THEY WERE WRONG.

A small number of us understand this: ‘There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities — it is against chaos and despair.  Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril, we can never surrender. ‘

Personally, I’ve blocked more people than I ever thought possible this year. I won’t be rescinding most of them. I said if you were Pro-Trump then you walked in knowing the consequences and who supported him. What he said, and what he did. In the words of the greatest failure of an asshat on talk Radio. YOU OWN IT. You own him. Anyone who stepped across that line, you don’t get to walk back. There is no forgiveness for me at this point in time for that. There may be in others. But not this writer.

But as this year drew to a close, I’m left in a very dark place with few sources of light. This website being one of them. An outlet for some of the emotional pain that many of us have experienced. A way to stay sane. So I ask you: What is your light moving into 2017? If you’ve come here, you’re someone who is looking for a different opinion. OR you think like we do. In any of those outcomes, what do you feel is your light? What stands between you and the Star? What stands to hold you to the path you walk?

2016 was a year of revelation. 2017 I have no idea what that’s going to look like anymore. Many of the watchdogs have been bribed, those that haven’t have been shunned by the vast majority of people. If you’re coming here, the odds are good you’re on one of the Trump lists. Because Dear Cheeto King will not allow dissent moving forward. It’s only a matter of time. Not everything he does is wrong…But doing the right thing for the wrong reasons only corrupts. And that corruption is what we fear the most…or should fear the most.

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