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Wanted Fugitive Julian Assange Is Donald Trump’s New Hero

By Linda Stockton 

In a time where our political landscape seems to change faster than Newt Gingrich changes mistresses, I have to admit that this WikiLeaks/ Julian Assange/ Hacking-Is-Now OK-By-Me-Garbage, has given me a form of whiplash no car accident could ever achieve. How does an exiled pedophile criminal, vilified as recently as a year ago, suddenly become the political and media darling who is admired and hailed as a hero of truth?  I am a little confused.

Looking back, before the unfortunate advent of Trumpism, it seemed that most people understood that illegal activity which involved damage to our country was a bad thing. For instance, in 2010,  Mr. Trump himself said about Assange, “I think there should be like, the death penalty or something.” Now he is tweeting in defense of him.

A seemingly unstable Sarah Palin called Assange, “an Anti-American operative with blood on his hands” and said the U.S should pursue him “with the same urgency we pursue al Qaeda and Taliban leaders.” That was a  mere two years ago but today, in a bizarre (even for Palin) turnabout, she publicly apologized to him on her Facebook and twitter accounts.

And speaking of Hannity, as much as that alone pains me, he is maybe the most confusing and infuriating person in this whole backpedaling hypocritical mess. Of all the far right talking heads, he was perhaps the most critical of Assange and demanded that he be arrested. He blamed the Obama administration and claimed that because of WikiLeaks, “people could die.” He has now, inexplicably exonerated Assange’s criminality because he says, “I believe every word he says.”  Excuse me, but, WHAT??

Further proof that we have apparently all lost our way, as well as any ability to actually think or ourselves or use common sense, is the recent polling by Frank Luntz.

This is perhaps the most frightening of all because this is a measure of us, the American people. Not high-profile media or political pundits seeking fame or fortune or power. Just the average man or woman who are responsible for putting these people in the positions they are in.

Remember in the Presidential debates when Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton called Republican (then) nominee Donald Trump a puppet? Trump’s reply was “No puppet, no puppet. You’re the puppet.”  This was in October 2016. Before the election. Clinton accused, Trump denied, Obama did nothing, Americans were easily distracted.

And now, we have Trump.

And it appears that Assange is the puppet master.


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2 Comments on Wanted Fugitive Julian Assange Is Donald Trump’s New Hero

  1. Alex santangelo // January 6, 2017 at 2:19 am // Reply

    Bravo to Julian for providing the public with the TRUTH about the DNC, Lord knows no one else will.

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