Affordable Care Act: Why Do Republicans Hate The Poor, The Elderly & The Sick So Much?

By Jason Taylor

The Republicans want to repeal, Obamacare, an imperfect law (as all laws are) and replace it with their own signature health care plan, which can only be called “We Don’t Care.” They’ve had six years to create and hone their own health care legislation, but all they have is a short list of tired, virtually meaningless steps that will inevitably leave tens of millions of Americans once again without health insurance.

Republicans will soon have a governing majority and the Presidency. Whether health care fails of its own weight or their knife, it will be on them to replace it to the satisfaction of voters. Voters have many ideas about health care. These include believing it is failing, cost concerns, and the trouble getting it for themselves and their loved ones. Whichever their concerns, “You are screwed” will not be an acceptable new plan. They could leave it at no answer when they were out of power screaming “NO” at everything. Now, it is on them. They are governing, and responsible for what they do. Voters put it on them, and know full well who they’ve put it on.

Republicans are very mistaken if they don’t see the difference. It could cost them heavily in the 2018 and 2020 elections.

Repeal of the Affordable Care Act, safely assuming that it will be postponed until appropriate replacement legislation is enacted, means that it will be a permanent part of our social fabric. The Republicans will, as usual, declare victory at the same time they surrender. The people still rule (just barely) and the people like this program.

The Affordable Care Act has been good for those Americans who did not have any health care. For the past eight years, the Republicans would have been critical of President Obama if he walked on water. How many opposed it, just because it was the thing to do? They want to replace it, but with what? Is the plan really that bad? Surely there are some kinks that need to be fixed, but to totally repeal the law as some want is just plain madness.

More importantly, the Affordable Care Act has provided coverage for those too poor to afford health insurance. It is not Obama’s fault that Republican governors decided to not accept the help from the federal government to expand Medicaid. How many of those who voted against the Democrats this election year know this? And why don’t they know it? You can come to your own conclusion. I am sick and tired of Republicans saying that “the American people voted decisively for a better future for health care in this country.” (Pence) I did not vote for the Republicans, and Trump did not win the popular vote.

Republicans wasted 7 years and countless stupid votes they knew would go nowhere while they did nothing of value. They were rewarded for their obstruction.

The Declaration of Independence, one of the foundational documents of the United States, says all people are entitled to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Life depends on one’s health. It is hard to pursue happiness when you’re constantly worried about whether you or your family can afford health care. The United States, that shining light of freedom and democracy, is the only advanced country that doesn’t provide guaranteed universal health care for all its citizens from cradle to grave. We are the only rich country that does not regard health care as a right. This is a national disgrace and embarrassment.

We took a big step toward fulfilling the promise of the Declaration of Independence with the ACA. Now Republicans want to destroy it. How many millions will be deprived of their lives and happiness as a result?

Sadly, this is just the opening volley on the all out destruction of progressive policies, institutions, and programs. Anyone who thinks that these people, who behind closed doors, are weeping with glee at their opportunity to dismantle any and all regulations to control themselves and their sponsors, will act in a fair and balanced manner needs to understand the gravity of the situation.

I wish I had the answer as to how to make the American people, especially those who voted for Trump, understand just what has been unleashed in the highest offices of our land. Unfortunately, even if I had that answer they would not listen, not to me or anyone else. Therefore we will have to endure this 4 year ( 2 years if its gets bad enough) program of complete and utter disregard for the rule of law and the American people in order to see just how bad things will get.

I just don’t get it. In a civil society, leadership should ensure what’s best for all citizens, yet the Republican party’s insistence that their “first order of business” is to repeal a law that provides a safety net for American families appears to be nothing more than a blatant vendetta against President Obama. Why can’t they simply improve on the law? And name-calling? Really, Mr. Trump?! Time to be more presidential and representative of ALL Americans.

Maybe, finally, all this democracy in healthcare will bring us to our knees and our senses to realize that socialized medicine makes more sense than anything the supposed free market can come up with. I dare to wonder what’s next. It’s about time. This fool’s dream needs to end. For our own sake.

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