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Was GOP Ethics Oversight Gutting/Reversal All A PR Stunt?

By Bobby M.

No one could have ever thought congress needed less ethical oversight, especially given the fact Trump supposedly ran on pledge to clean up the government. That is why I suggest the premise that the entire saga was all staged in order to try and cast a better light on the incoming president; to make him look better to the public.

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is coming into office with maybe the loudest questions about his moral code than any politician in the history of politics. So many people have been talking about his potential conflict of interests with his business and how they think he will probably break the emoluments clause. When they are not talking about that, the discussion is centered on the shady things involving hacking that helped him win the election. So what better way to cast a shadow on those perceptions than to have a public spectacle that makes him look like the ethical one.

The House Republican members who had that secret vote to gut the powers of the ethics committee had to know their efforts would be publicized like they were. They also had to know that it would not go over well in the media considering that most of the population think they are dirty and corrupt. Anyone can google the words ‘congress’ and ‘corrupt’ together to see just how much this concept is in the mindset of the people in America.

At the end of this entire event it was Donald Trump who came out looking the best to the public because he derided these GOP congress efforts. But let us take a look at what he said exactly…

That is a pretty involved set of tweets from a man that could not even spell the word ‘unprecedented’ (he spelled it unpresidented) correctly on Twitter weeks earlier. Around that same time, Trump and Newt Gingrich caught flack regarding an attempt to move way from the political promise of ‘Drain The Swamp’. Put everything all together and it just seems like the entire thing was staged for public relations to try and raise Trump’s standing regarding all things involving ethics.

This is what our political system has now become; a series of games and stunts in the media. They do not care about doing what is right by the people of our country. They all just want to appear as if they are doing the right thing, especially when the absolute opposite is the truth. Maybe one day the public will catch on and make them all pay for their charades.

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2 Comments on Was GOP Ethics Oversight Gutting/Reversal All A PR Stunt?

  1. I’m still in shock that he’s our President.

  2. These were my sentiments as well immediately upon hearing about it. It’s so ostentatious-so obviously orchestrated. As embarrassing as the whole election process was, this just was demeaning. Are Trump’s supporters this credulous? There really is a disconnect in this nation. It’s mind blowing that Trump supporters and even some nonsupporters are not only stupid enough to fall for the hoax but that republicans consider the general population so gullible and beneath them that they’d attempt such a pathetic stunt.

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