Trump’s Latest Tunes

By Christopher Suprun

2016 ended the way it started.  A high profile person trying to fake their way through a performance.

I could be talking about Mariah Carey.  Her New Year’s Eve celebration performance where she didn’t perform left lots to like.  Some technical difficulty stumped her.  She tried to talk her way through before leaving the stage unhappy.

Sound familiar? It should.  Less than sixty days ago we elected a man whose answers are no better.  We are now going on six months without a press conference.  This wouldn’t be a big deal except, this President-elect has shown mastery of nothing.

Donald Trump, like Mariah Carey, has been lip-syncing his way through the election.  He continues on his way into the inauguration.  Thanks to great work by Reince Priebus and Kellyanne Conway, Mr. Trump knows the words.  He still doesn’t know the music, though.

Donald Trump talks about China “taking out massive amounts of money and wealth.”  He doesn’t understand that China is using that wealth to buy our constant flow of debt.  Enjoy your social security checks every month?  I only ask because they are get paid courtesy of Chinese debt buyers.

You don’t think your social security deductions are actually going into a private government account for you?  That has never been the system.  Since the system started, the current crop of workers paid for those who retired.  The actuarial tables have changed and there are now fewer and fewer workers to pay for those retired.  Wonder why social security can’t keep up with inflation?  Your money has been spent or soon enough will be gone.  Donald Trump wants to use it on his promised trillion dollar infrastructure plan.

Meanwhile, Mr. Trump continues to taunt China.  He does so only moments after noting North Korea is building a nuclear device.  North Korea may not have the missile tech to deliver warheads across the continent.  They are working to package a device as a suitcase bomb, though.  One more Donald Trump does not understand.  He thinks the person holding North Korea’s leash is Kim Jong-un; it’s Beijing though.

Again, Donald Trump knows the words, but not the music.  If you want to do away with the one China policy, I understand, but this is not the way to go about it.  China plays decades of chess and our President-elect can barely play checkers.

Mr. Trump does not understand that China can let Pyongyang be aggressive.  They can meddle with both South Korea and the region.  Meanwhile, China can dump our debt just to toy with our markets.  Trump gives them every incentive to do so.  The bigger the problem in Asia, the less likely we are to watch his connection to Russia.  It is unfortunate and frightening.

Donald Trump is the 70-year-old guy drinking a spritzer and trying to sing karaoke.  He knows the words – they’re right there on the prompter for him – but he has no idea the music.  He has no idea who he is singing to or he would know this isn’t their song.

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