Is Donald Trump a Clear and Present Danger?

By Jason Taylor

The American people and most of the media are now willfully ignoring the horror too horrible to admit: Trump’s response to the Russian hacking offers the conclusive proof that he is unfit to be President. The United States is under attack, and the president-elect is not just saying ignore the whole thing, he is giving aid and comfort to the attacker.

This is treason, pure and simple. What would have happened to Franklin Roosevelt if he had responded to Pearl Harbor the way Trump is responding to Russia’s attack? Interfering with our electoral system, alone, is a grievous act. But let there be no doubt: Russia is putting in place and practicing the means to cripple America.

Trump as president will pose a threat to the national security of the United States. It cannot be allowed to happen. He must be impeached the minute he takes the oath of office. Remember: impeaching Nixon sounded way off base when first mentioned in regard to Watergate. But the brutal reality could not be ignored. The same here.

Trump repeatedly shows his ignorance of just about everything. A pitiful excuse of an about to be President. He opens his mouth and spouts out whatever somehow comes to the top of his head. It usually has little on no basis in fact, is often derogatory or dismissive, and almost always does not make any positive difference.

The degree to which Conservatives, who typically wear their patriotism on their shirtsleeve, are siding with Putin, and questioning the veracity of the U.S. intelligence community, is astounding.

I expect him to announce he is considering outsourcing our intelligence gathering to Russia, after all he holds them in much higher esteem. Next thing you know, he will be considering letting the Russian military defend us. He would point out it is a yuuuge cost savings and we would all just luuuve it.

Let’s be clear. It is tough to run a democracy even when people are operating off the same facts. When facts do not matter, it is impossible. Donald Trump is a monster. But if this country could sort of elect Trump, just imagine what else we are capable of.

Trump brought bread and circuses to the masses in forlorn and forgotten locations, which were thrilled to host the greatest free political show in politics and rewarded Trump with their votes. Cable news in particular colluded in bringing this bread and circuses form of politics to the forefront with unstinting and often uncritical coverage of Trump’s rallies and his every entertaining utterance and action. This needs to stop.

The definition of what is newsworthy needs to be reexamined and strengthened. And all media forms must exercise caution and prudence with first reports of any news item. For example, before proclaiming that Carrier is going to keep 1000 jobs in the US, and handing Trump a media triumph out a proportion to the actual situation, figure out the full story first, along with a more appropriate headline.

Our national press is a national disgrace: corporate, profit-driven, more concerned with getting a friendly hearing before Republican committees of Congress on issues like mergers, regulations, and taxation, than with reporting the news in the public interest.

I can’t wait until that fateful day when Trump can’t fool some of the people all the time. There will be a multitudinous outcry of protest from even his most devote supporters condemning the press for not doing their jobs and calling him out from day one.

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