Make Your New Years Resolution Be To Turn Off All TV News

By Bobby M.

Considering how pathetic news coverage has been before and after the election, people should resolve to stop watching it on TV as part of their New Years resolutions for 2017. Donald Trump would tell you it was bad because they spoke negatively about him. The truth is that they were bad because they could not bring any of the multitude of scandals surrounding him into the national mindset like they did with Hillary Clinton’s emails. I am not saying it is all bad, but there is one way and one way only that we can hit back at mainstream media and that is to hurt them when it comes to their ratings, which leads to what they can make money with regarding advertising.

Not just talking about the cable news networks either, I am talking about doing this for even local affiliates. They may have been the worst because all they did was parrot back comments Donald Trump would make during the campaign without giving any real focus, commentary, or context. Unfortunately, most voters do not give real attention to politics and those same people mainly watch local coverage. Network morning television tended to do the exact same thing for the most part. So when that news was just repeating back all of Trump’s lies, that was all the misinformed had to work with.

There was some good journalism work by some of the cable stations. Like Joy Reid for MSNBC who would really put people to task if they attempted to lie on her show. Jake Tapper and Brian Stelter on CNN tended to do the same thing. And there were many others who should also be applauded as well. But when you take into account their co-workers like Joe Scarbrough (who was basically the lead dog when it came to legitimizing this monster) who mainly just tailored their coverage to try and get as many viewers as possible, you have to look at everything when it comes to penalizing these companies. This is not counting Fox News who is just right-wing propaganda, as it should go without saying to avoid them no matter what.

Trust me, you can stay informed on latest events in other ways without watching television. Google news and using Twitter for a newsfeed are wondrous in that ability. I have not watched a single thing from the media since the day after the Election, and I feel like I know what is going on just fine. So please join me and refuse to watch any your news on TV because that is the only way we can tell them to change the way they do things.

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