Out of the Pan Into the Fire

By Tom Milligan

Hell has frozen over.

I’m sure of it.

No doubt about it.

I haven’t seen it personally, but there’s simply no other explanation for the fact that earlier this week – after hearing the news of Secretary of State John Kerry’s rebuke of Israel’s settlement policy – I looked over at my wife and asked:

“Is it crazy that I’m actually looking forward to Trump taking over?”

Like all conservatives, I’ve been looking forward to Obama’s last day in office for many years.  But that excitement was put on hold when Donald Trump reached 270 electoral votes.

Since November 8th, I’ve been torn between the devil I know and the devil I don’t.

But make no mistake, they’re both devils.

Liberals praise Obama’s fiscal policies that have supposedly cut the deficit and reduced unemployment.  They claim he’s enjoyed a scandal-free administration.  They praise Obamacare and his foreign policy.

He’s a God.

He can do no wrong.

They conveniently ignore facts and promote falsehoods.

But at least I know what to expect with Obama.

I know he hates American Exceptionalism and apologizes for it every chance he gets.

I know Obamacare has failed, but that if he were given the chance, he’d put lipstick on that pig until he ran out of lipstick.

I know he’s trying to get even more  people dependent on the federal government to ensure his party’s longevity.

I know he hates Israel, our only true ally in the middle east and will work even AFTER he leaves office to destroy it.

I know he’s failed.

And along comes Donald J Trump, fresh off a decisive victory in November.

Trump’s followers didn’t elect him because of his experience, they elected him precisely because he has none.  Because he’s an outsider.  Because he’s rich so he can’t be bought.  Because he’s not part of the establishment.  Because he speaks his mind.

They celebrate the fact that he encouraged violence at rallies, publicly mocks the disabled, and brags about committing sexual assault.

They excuse the man that admits to numerous adulterous relationships while falsely accusing Ted Cruz of having multiple mistresses and accusing Ted’s father of killing JFK.

They deny his long history of racism, bigotry, and misogyny calling it fake news.

They accept that he’s not building the wall and that a nice fence is okay.

They forgive his campaign promise that if he were to win, he would appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Hillary Clinton, but then upon winning the election said, “that played great before the election, but now we don’t care.”

They disregard his already recanted promise to slap a 45% import tariff on Chinese imports.

They praise his proposals for government paid maternity leave and increased minimum wage as “compassionate conservatism” instead of calling them what they are: the height of liberalism.

They defend his infrastructure spending plan while ignoring the $5.3 Trillion his tax plan will add to the national debt.  More liberalism.

They ignore the fact that he’s not draining the swamp in the slightest.

He’s a God.

He can do no wrong.

They conveniently ignore facts and promote falsehoods.

We ALL know what to expect with Trump.

Out of the pan into the fire.



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