Trump Is Afraid Of Media Asking Real Questions

By Bobby M.

When a man is afraid of questions being asked in a press conference, how can we believe he is strong enough to protect our country? Yes, Donald Trump did kind of hold a press conference yesterday, but he did not any field real questions. In fact, it was more about putting on a show than anything the way he paraded around the murderer Don King and pimped up the credit for Sprint’s future job plans. By the way, those jobs, they were in the works long before Trump was elected by 80 thousand people in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, but he still lied to make it sound like he caused everything to happen with them.

And those questions asked yesterday, they were beyond weak. The press conference was unplanned, so the media that were there may have been ill-prepared, but that is not an excuse. When a man runs from questions as much as Trump does, they need to be ready since it is their job to help the people hold the man accountable. Though I guess we should not be surprised considering our pathetic media could not do that during the general election.

Yesterday was the first day Donald Trump held a press conference since the month of July. That was when he publicly asked Russia to hack into Hillary Clinton’s campaign by the way. Speaking of hacking, he continues to act like Russia did not do it and that the goal of it all was not to help him. This is contrary to what every senator except Mitch McConnell believes happened. That is the same senator who prevented an announcement as to such when our intelligence agencies wanted to announce it this past September. Maybe that is why his wife was given a cabinet position…maybe his acting like he is now is his attempt to keep her there.

Donald Trump needs to be pressed more on his avoidance of being asked questions. He skipped out on two debates to avoid them. He turned other GOP debates into immature grade school insult fests to avoid being asked anything. But when put to task by Clinton in the presidential debates, she destroyed him.

Since journalism  has not pressured him into real press conferences, he has been allowed to set a precedent of having talking heads speak for his behalf on cable news networks while making blanket comments on Twitter. This needs to change in 2017 as the mistakes our media made this past year cannot continue to happen. Do the job you have been trusted by the public to do, or just announce that all you are is some kind of tool for Trump to use to keep us subjugated.

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