President Obama Drops The Hammer On Russia… Trump, “I Think We Ought To Get On With Our Lives”

By Jason Taylor 

Donald Trump’s disbelief of the Russian hacking and casual attitude regarding even the possibility of the same is predictable but still disturbing. That means that he remains putty in ex-KGB member, Vladimir Putin’s, hands; and that means that he will be a national security risk once he assumes office.

Trump’s inane response demonstrates yet again the severe intellectual difficulties he is experiencing, be they from incipient senility, covert substance abuse, or some admixture. None of which is surprising in someone so obviously a gluttonous physical wreck. Given how concerned Trump is with appearances, even he must realize that where Obama looked competent and presidential, Trump looks like a candidate for a cardiac.

It’s pretty clear that Trump knew this was going on and used it to his advantage to win the presidency. If he didn’t know and he had even a shred of decency, he would have come out and said, look, Russia is known for its dirty tricks, and I will not tolerate it as a candidate or as your President. Instead, we get..”I don’t know if it’s the Russians…it could be a 400-pound guy sitting on his bed somewhere — while I believe he is not a very intelligent man, even he can’t be that uninformed.

Going against his own intelligence agencies will be risky — in a way, I hope he does just that. The results could be eye-opening for all of us and we may finally get the information on just who Trump is and how he conducts business around the world. It’s been clear that his country and the people he is now serving have never been at the top of his list and winning the presidency by every vile means possible — lying, spreading conspiracy theories, threatening his opponent with jail, asking Russia to hack his opponent — and the list goes on.

Now to find out that Russia and it’s sleazy propaganda machine is likely the biggest help he got for the win is beyond disheartening. Putin got the puppet he wanted as Hillary Clinton warned and the American people got robbed of the very ideals we stand for — truth and honor. The good news here is that Congress seems to “get” it — even if Mr. Trump doesn’t and they will control, this very uninformed man who “took” a “win” at any cost.

You can criticize President Obama on policy, but at least the man has command of the English language, puts highly complex and difficult policy issues out to us in language that any adult should be able to understand, while not blathering on like Trump. All of the “Monday morning quarterbacks” saying, President Obama, does too little, too late; well you’re not sitting in his chair, and because he has always operated in a methodical way, he waited until he had the facts. That’s what a President is supposed to do.

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