HahnAmerica Radio Preview: Dec 28th

By Bobby M.

Every Wednesday night, Jason Taylor, better known as @HahnAmerica and the founder of EatPrayVote.org hosts a radio show along with @ChuckNellis and his wife @laweez to discuss the week in politics. They each will give the point of view from a moderate, a conservative, and a liberal. You can catch the most recent episode when you follow this link and older podcasts can be found here.

Here are some of the possible topics that I hope they discuss tonight…

  • Donald Trump voiced a desire for the United States to build it’s nuclear weapon stockpile back up after Russia made a similar statement, leading to concerns of a new arms race
  • Days after the new nuclear arms race talk, Trump described a letter he got from Putin and used it as a way to attack the democrats and all the talk that Russia hacked them to help Trump win the presidency
  • Every single senator except for Mitch McConnell believes that Russia was involved in the hacking and want an investigation into the hacking, as well as a proper response if proven true
  • Discuss recent deaths to George Michael and Carrie Fisher
  • Fake news almost caused an international incident between Israel and Pakistan where the latter made a nuclear threat
  • The shake up involving Trump’s communication staff, including a statement where he’ll revolutionize the use of Twitter by a president
  • Trump says he could have beaten Obama if the President was allowed to run for a third term. For a little clarification:
  • All things regarding the latest news involving Israel
    • Thoughts on Israeli settlements that are being placed on Palestinian lands which is the cause for everything
    • 4 other countries other than the United States sponsored the United Nations resolution to condemn Israel and every country other than America in the UN Security Council voted in favor
    • Israel is mad at the United States for not using their Security Council veto on the matter
    • Secretary of State John Kerry made a statement as to why the United States could not veto, which included their belief that the Israeli settlements in Palestine are a roadblock to peace
    • Donald Trump condemned the US State Department for not vetoing and claimed he will punish the United Nations
    • Previously before the announcement, Trump named a hardliner as the new ambassador to Israel, as well as a plan to move the US embassy to Jerusalem


These things and many others may be talked about on their show. A preview of the show can be read about here. Tune in and see, or better yet, call in and ask for yourself.

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