Faux Pas or False Prophet

By Lorana Hoopes

When I heard Jerry Falwell Jr, still defending Trump on Christmas day, I had to cringe a little. Even if you try to play him off as a “baby Christian” the man falls pathetically short. Baby Christians should be full of the good news of Jesus, wanting to shout it from the mountain tops. Trump can’t name one verse in the Bible. Baby Christians try to change their way of life to be more like Jesus. Trump uses his pride, a huge sin, to compare himself to Jesus, often spouting that he alone can solve our problems.

Then Trump himself came on television, and I found myself at an impasse. I don’t know Trump, but I do believe he loves this nation and strangely I do think he is trying to make it better. The problem is that he has no idea how, and he isn’t starting with great people. Some of that may be because great people don’t want to be associated with him, and some of it may be that he won’t call on some of those great people because they won’t follow him blindly.Which leads me to the worst part.

On Christmas, the RNC released a statement with these words “this Christmas heralds a time to celebrate the good news of a new King.” 

Now what bothered me was the use of the words “new King” as this clearly sounds like they are comparing Trump to Jesus. According to Snopes and several others, new King is a common reference to Jesus Christ, but I have to tell you that in my 34 years as a Christian, I have not heard him referenced that way. Christians believe Jesus is the King and has been since he was crucified on the cross and rose the third day over 2000 years ago, so there’s no reason for the word new to be placed with it. Others are upset by the words “this Christmas” as they feel it is speaking about Trump’s election. Every Christmas should be a time to remember the good news of our King because Christmas represents the birth of Jesus Christ.

Maybe it was just a faux pas and some very poor wording on the part of the RNC or maybe this is one of those “false prophets” that the Bible warns about. There were so many times in the primaries that I wondered how supposedly religious people could stand up there and support Trump when they were many other candidates who espoused many more of the Christian ideals than Trump did. Then I did some reading. There are many verses in the Bible about false prophets coming to lead people astray. We are told to judge these prophets by the fruits they produce as good, strong Christians will produce much fruit and false prophets will produce none.

I believe we are in the end times and that the rapture and the tribulation are coming. With those events, more false prophets will arise to turn even those dedicated to Jesus away from him. Whether it was a faux pas or not, the endorsing of this man by evangelicals, the term Cheeto Jesus, and Trump’s own words of being the only one to solve problems should raise the hackles of God-fearing Christians, and we should stay alert and vigilant.

More importantly, beyond just the time of Christmas, we should share the good news of the only King so that more may be saved and live eternally with Jesus when the tribulation does finally come.

Lorana Hoopes is a Christian author who focuses on the inspirational with a touch of romance.Her books are available at Amazon.


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  1. Granted, I’m not terribly up on my bible, but I gotta admit the only time I’ve really heard “new king” was with the word “born” in the middle for the Christmas carol “Hark the Herald Angels Sing.” That’s it. I didn’t hear the announcement and have been avoiding the t.v. to rebuild my sanity (once “A Christmas Carol” stopped playing), so this morning is the first I’ve heard of this event. But yeah, devout Christian or barely-passable, I think this would make brows furrow in worry or puzzlement whichever direction you go.

  2. Leaving aside the religious implications of the term the “new king”, let’s remember we don’t have kings in the US by design. We fled the tyranny of kings. Let’s not go back.

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